Classic Sample Clauses

Classic. Unit members who were hired on or before December 31, 2012, and those who are not deemed “New Members” are considered “Classic” employees by the California Public Employees Retirement Systems (CalPERS) and shall be eligible for the 2% at age 55 CalPERS benefit formula with the highest single year provision for all represented employees. Unit members shall also be provided the sick leave conversion benefit and the 1959 survivor’s benefit as defined in the PERS handbook.
Classic. CLASSIC is a knowledge representation (KR) system that follows the paradigm originally set out in the KL-ONE system: it concentrates on the definition of structured concepts, their organization into taxonomies, the creation and manipulation of individual instances of such concepts, and the key inferences of subsumption and classification [5]. The frames / concepts in CLASSIC are interpreted as descriptions rather than assertions. So for wine concept, if wine is defined as a drink with a number of other properties, then being a drink is a necessary part of being a wine, and no wine can violate this requirement. There are three kinds of formal objects in CLASSIC [5]: • “Concepts”, which are descriptions with potentially complex structure, formed by composing a limited set of description-forming operators (e.g. WHITE- FULL-BODIED-WINE). • “Roles”, which are simple formal terms for properties (e.g. grape might represent the grape(s) a wine is made from). • “Individuals”, which are simple formal constructs intended to directly represent objects in domain of interest.
Classic. Classic represents and warrants that its authorized capital stock consists of 100,000,000 shares of preferred stock, no par value per share, none of which are issued or outstanding; 1,800,000,000 shares of Class A common stock, no par value per share, of which approximately 9,900,000 shares were issued and outstanding as of February 9 1998; and 200,000,000 shares of Class B common stock, no par value per share, of which 200,000 shares were issued and outstanding as of February 9, 1998. All of the issued and outstanding shares of Classic are validly issued, fully paid, and nonassessable.
Classic. Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxx owns more than 5% of the outstanding shares of the Classic Class B Common Stock.
Classic. Made popular in previ- ouç editionç of the game, thiç iç rapid-fire çlapçtick. Troubleçhooterç çeldom live long enough to advance far. Alpha Complex çuffocateç in bureaucracy, perpetually on the brink of collapçe. ‘Xxxxxx and Xxxxx get jobç with the IRS on the original çtarçhip Enterprise.' 4/.)'(4'3 -%.5: -).4 #(/# (/4 &5. + "/5.#9 "5"",% "%6%2!'%! 15 #ITIZEN 4EDDY-2 EAGERLY VOLUNTEERS TO SERVE !LPHA #OMPLEX AND HIS FRIEND 4HE #OMPUTER AS A 4ROUBLESHOOTER. 0,!9%2 3%#4)/. #,%!2!.#% 2%$ 3. #REATING YOUR 4ROUBLESHOOTER 4O CREATE YOUR 0#, PHOTOCOPY THE CHARACTER SHEET AT THE BACK OF THIS BOOK. &OLLOWING THE CHECKLIST ON THE NEXT PAGE, lLL IN THE BLANKS ON THE SHEET IN PENCIL. #ERTAIN ASPECTS OF YOUR CHARACTER ARE SECRET. $ON'T LET THE OTHER PLAYERS lND OUT YOUR SECRETS! 3OME ASPECTS OF YOUR CHARACTER ARE KNOWN ONLY TO THE '-. You will now create your character. Thiç will be lotç of fun and not in the leaçt anxiety- provoking. Anxiety is forbidden. In the preçence of your fellow playerç, be extremely careful to hide all confidential information, including your Secret çkillç, çecret çociety and mutant power. Hide nothing from the Gamemaster! Attempts to hide information from the GM earn immediate and dramatic reprisal! Be aware of other playerç' attemptç to cheat, and report çuch violationç inçtantly to the Gamemaçter. Relax in the confident aççurance the GM will chaçtiçe theçe cheaterç appropriately. Relaxation is mandatory! Failure to relax will be corrected instantly! Your Troubleçhooter'ç character çheet recordç the following reçourceç: ® Name and gender ® Skills, aç well aç optional specialties within thoçe çkillç: Three Action çkillç (Management, Stealth, Violence) Three Knowledge çkillç (Hardware, Software, Wetware) Three Secret çkillç (claççified aç Uncommon, Unlikely and Unhealthy) A vital specialty in Energy Weapons, under the Violence çkill Up to çix optional common specialties and çix narrow specialties in the Action and Knowledge çkillç ® Employment in a service firm, which grantç you one mandatory service firm specialty ® A mutant power ® Memberçhip in one secret society ® 25 Perversity points ® Two recognizable tics of behavior that can earn you more Perverçity pointç ® RED security clearance (the meaçure of how much The Computer truçtç you) ® Two attributes: Power and Acceçç ® Equipment—personal equipment you buy yourçelf, and equipment assigned by The Computer or itç çervice firmç ® 1,000 credits in çavingç (about a month of ordinary expençeç) ...
Classic. Roll 1d20 and divide the number rolled by 4 (round fractionç up). The reçult iç your degree. Straight: Your degree iç 1, meaning you are a low-level flunky. Further your çociety'ç goalç and çucceed in itç çecret miççionç, and advancement will çurely follow. !NTI--UTANT 0OWER 3TUDIES #OMIC "OOK 4RIVIA 4WITCHTALK #OMPUTER 0HREAKS #ASH (ACKING *ARGON (ACKING, PROGRAMMING SKILLS #OMMUNISTS $EMOLITION 4RACTOR -AINTENANCE 0ROPAGANDA* #ORPORE -ETAL #YBORGING "OTSPOTTING "IOWEAPONS $EATH ,EOPARD $EMOLITION !CTION -OVIES, 0ARTYING 'AMBLING &###-0 !LPHA #OMPLEX (ISTORY PRIESTLY SKILLS -EETING -ACHINE %MPATHS &RANKENSTEIN $ESTROYERS $EMOLITION TOOLMAKING SKILLS PROGRAMMING SKILLS &REE %NTERPRISE (AGGLING !DVERTISING & -ARKETING "RIBERY, &ORGERY (UMANISTS -ARITAL !RTS ;SIC= HOBBIES, LANGUAGES /LD 2ECKONING #ULTURES Zap: Roll 1d20. The reçult iç your degree. Do you think it unlikely a powerful degree-20 potentate in a çecret çociety would become a lowly RED Troubleçhooter? True. Propoçe an explanation for thiç predicament to your GM. Uçing hiç inconteçtably unbiaçed judgment, he may çee fit to give your imperiled character çome çecret perkç. ■ Secret skills Contactç in your çecret çociety have taught you thingç The Computer'ç teachbotç never mentioned. Theçe areaç of knowledge or practice, not covered by the Action and Knowledge çkillç, are Secret çkillç. Secret çkillç are grouped in theçe categorieç: ® Uncommon in Alpha Complex but not neceççarily treaçonouç: Swimming, Rock Climbing, and other Outdoorç çkillç; craft çkillç çuch aç cooking or glaççblowing; conceivably (among citizenç whoçe hormone çuppreççantç have worn off) even çeduction. Knowing how to drive a non-automated vehicle iç Uncommon; each vehicle type iç a different çkill. To -EMBERS OF THE 3IERRA #LUB MEET IN SECRET TO COMMUNE WITH NATURE. (!00).%33 )3 -!.$!4/29! 25 0,!9%2 3%#4)/. #,%!2!.#% 2%$ juçtify your character'ç Uncommon çkill, offer the GM a convincing rationale. (‘I became a bookbinder to repair a High Programmer'ç treaçonouç Old Reckoning book collection.') ® Unlikely to figure çignificantly in a miççion: Knitting and other hobby çkillç, Whiçtling, Teela-O-MLY Trivia, Video Gameç, etc. However, by roleplaying theçe çkillç during the game, you can earn Perversity points, deçcribed later. ® Unhealthy: Treaçonouç çkillç çuch aç Communiçt Propaganda, Digital Image Manipulation, Fileçharing, foreign languageç, etc.; knowledge of Old Reckoning Cultureç; criminal çkillç (Twitchtalk, Fraudulent Account...
Classic. 5.1.1. The KlimaTicket Ö Classic is available to all persons aged under 65, with a period of validity be- ginning from their 26th birthday until one day before their 65th birthday. Upon inspection, an official photo ID (or e-card with photo) is required.
Classic. “Classic” or “Classic Item” refers to any merchandise, merchandising product, service or other merchandising item of any nature relating to the Property which is not Picture-Related or Series-Related.
Classic. Effective October 1, 2008, each full-time teacher enrolled in the current Classic Insurance Plan shall pay, through payroll deduction, $55.00 per month for single insurance coverage and $110.00 per month for family insurance coverage. Effective January 1, 2010, each full-time teacher enrolled in the current Classic Insurance Plan and who opts for spousal insurance coverage under 6.0111 B shall pay, through payroll deduction, $30.00 per month for single insurance coverage and $85.00 per month for family insurance coverage.