Claim for compensation Sample Clauses

Claim for compensation. If the Client intends to charge Intertek with the responsibility for damage which the Client claims to have suffered in connection with certification, he shall submit a written statement outlining the reasons for the claim. The claim for compensation, in order to be valid, must be made within a reasonable period from the time the damage became apparent or should have become apparent to the Client and must have occurred at the latest within two (2) years from testing. The agent or the Client shall notify Intertek of the circumstances in writing, without delay.
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Claim for compensation. 5.1 The lessor hasn’t made any interference as the buyer chose and confirmed the lease items and the seller. If the seller fails to deliver the lease items, or delays the delivery, or any of the specifications, model, quality, quantity, etc. of the lease items does not meet the requirements in the Contract on Procurement of Equipment or does not meet the purpose of use of the buyer, or the seller violates any stipulation in the Contract on Procurement of Equipment, etc, the lessor will not take any responsibility. For any dispute arising from the above circumstances, the buyer shall directly claim compensation from the seller and bear the costs and results of the claim. The buyer confirms that the obligation to pay the rent and other payables and any other obligations under the Financial Leasing Contract are not affected by the above mentioned claim.
Claim for compensation. A condition for the creation of any right to compensation is always that You report the loss to TASKING in writing as soon as possible after the loss has occurred. Each claim for compensation against TASKING lapses (i) due to the mere expiry of a period of twelve (12) months after the loss manifested itself or (ii) if You have failed to take measures to limit the loss, immediately after it manifested itself, or to prevent (other or additional) loss from arising.
Claim for compensation. If Party B provides with goods inconsistent with this Agreement and Party A has claimed for compensation, Party B shall compensate by any or several ways as following listed:
Claim for compensation. 16.2.1 The claim of Employer. If Employer thinks that Contractor has not execute the agreed duties, obligations and assignments under this Contract, that it has the right to obtain compensation borne by Contractor for the losses, damages and injuries to it according to this Contract and relevant situations and matters related to the documents and information of this Contract, and that Contractor has not yet fulfilled the obligation of compensation in accordance to this Contract, Employer shall have the right to claim for the compensation against Contractor, which shall base on laws and this Contract and be carried out through the procedures as following listed:

Related to Claim for compensation

  • Fees and Compensation Managers and Officers may receive such compensation and fees, if any, for their services, and such reimbursement for expenses, as may be determined by resolution of the Board.

  • Complaints and Compensation If you have a complaint of any kind, please be sure to let us know. We will do our utmost to resolve the issue. You can put your complaint in writing to us at: Complaint Resolution Team, Equiniti Financial Services Limited, Aspect House, Xxxxxxx Road, Lancing, West Sussex, BN99 6DA United Kingdom or email us at: or call us using the contact details in Section 1. If we cannot resolve the issue between us, you may – so long as you are eligible – ask the independent Financial Ombudsman Service to review your complaint. A leaflet with more details about our complaints procedure is available – you are welcome to ask us to supply you with a copy at any time. We are a member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, set up under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. If we cannot meet our obligations, you may be entitled to compensation from the Scheme. This will depend on the type of agreement you have with us and the circumstances of the claim. For example, the Scheme covers corporate sponsored nominees, individual savings accounts and share dealing. Most types of claims for FCA regulated business are covered for 100% of the first £50,000 per person. This limit is applicable to all assets with Equiniti FS. For more details about the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, you can call their helpline: 0800 678 1100 or +00 000 000 0000 or go to their website at: or write to them at: Financial Services Compensation Scheme 10th Floor, Beaufort House, 00 Xx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx XX0X 0XX Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Alternative Formats

  • Callout Compensation A regular employee who is called back to work outside their regular working hours shall be compensated for a minimum of three hours at overtime rates. They shall be compensated from the time they leave their home to report for duty until the time they arrive back upon proceeding directly to and from work.

  • Expenses and Compensation Except for expenses specifically assumed or agreed to be paid by the Portfolio Manager under this Agreement, the Portfolio Manager shall not be liable for any expenses of the Portfolio or the Trust, including, without limitation: (i) interest and taxes; (ii) brokerage commissions and other costs in connection with the purchase and sale of securities or other investment instruments with respect to the Portfolio; and (iii) custodian fees and expenses. For its services under this Agreement, Portfolio Manager shall be entitled to receive a fee, which fee shall be payable monthly in arrears at the annual rate of 0.45% of the average daily net assets of the Account.

  • Compensation for Damages (1) If the Principal has disqualified the Bidder(s) from the tender process prior to the award according to Section 3, the Principal is entitled to demand and recover the damages equivalent to Xxxxxxx Money Deposit/Bid Security.

  • Employees and Compensation Schedule 3.12 contains a true and complete list of all employees of the Station, their job description, date of hire, salary and amount and date of last salary increase. Schedule 3.12 also contains a true and complete list as of the date of this Agreement of all employee benefit plans or arrangements applicable to the employees of the Station and all fixed or contingent liabilities or obligations of Seller with respect to any person now or formerly employed by Seller at the Station, including pension or thrift plans, individual or supplemental pension or accrued compensation arrangements, contributions to hospitalization or other health or life insurance programs, incentive plans, bonus arrangements, and vacation, sick leave, disability and termination arrangements or policies, including workers' compensation policies, and a description of all fixed or contingent liabilities or obligations of Seller with respect to any person now or formerly employed at the Station or any person now or formerly retained as an independent contractor at the Station.

  • Extra Compensation All percentage payments shall be based upon the following schedule: 2021-2022 Exp. Level Unit Members 1st Year 32,749 2nd Year 34,087 3rd Year 35,425 4th Year 36,764 5th Year 38,102 Subject to the exception set forth below, the placement of an individual on the above salary schedule in an extra duty assignment as set forth herein, shall be based upon the number of years of experience in Michigan Center within the activity (i.e. sport). Transfers from one coaching position to another in the same sport (i.e. junior varsity to varsity football, etc.) shall not be cause to reduce the experience level for the bargaining unit member in that activity. Changes from one sport to another (i.e. basketball to football, etc.) will constitute a change in experience level. NOTE: Compensation of non-unit individuals for coaching and other extra-curricular positions shall be determined by the Board, but shall not exceed the compensation schedule for bargaining unit members. Baseball Head Coach 11% Volleyball Head Coach 17% JV Coach 8% Asst or JV Coach 11% Basketball Head Coach 17% 8th Grade 6% JV Coach 11% 7th Grade 6% 8th Grade 6% If both 7th & 8th 10% 7th Grade 6% Wrestling Head Coach Assistant Coach (if applicable) 16% 6% If both 7th & 8th 10% JV Coach 10% Bowling Boys Girls 6% 6% Jr. High 6% If both Boys & Girls 10% Cheerleading Winter Head Coach (includes sideline if applicable) 16% Academic Games Coord & Staff Advisors Limit 1 per Dept. 1% Varsity Fall Sideline 5% Band Director 18% JV Fall Sideline 5% Band Director Jr. High School 12% Winter JV (includes sideline if applicable) 10% Choral Director (if applicable) 3% Jr. High Winter (includes sideline if applicable) 10% Class Advisor Chair 1% Cross Country Boys Head Coach Girls Head Coach 7% 7% Club Sponsors Approved by Principal 1% If both Boys & Girls 10% Dept Heads – HS Sci, Mth, SocStud, Lang Arts, Enrichment 4% Jr. High 5% Dept Heads/Grade Level Chairs Elem Sci, Mth, SocStud, Lang Arts, Enrichment 4% Football Head Coach 17% Elementary- Extracurricular 1% Asst. Varsity (2) 10% Elementary Music 3% JV Coach (2) 11% 8th Grade (2) 6% 7th Grade (2) 6% Homecoming Chair 1% If both 7th & 8th 10% Leadership Forum 1% Golf Boys Head Coach 6% Communications Coordinator Webmaster News and Views Surveys/Updates Library Supervisor 10% Girls Head Coach 6% Mentor Teacher 2% Soccer Boys Head Coach Girls Head Coach 8% 8% National Xxxxx Xxxxxxx 1% Softball Head Coach 11% Quiz Bowl Advisor 4% Asst or JV Coach 8% Track Boys Head Coach 11% Play Director (Per Play) 6% Girls Head Coach 11% Assistant Play Director (Per Play) 1.5% Boys/Girls Asst (1) 8% Prom Chairperson 2% Jr. High Boys Coach 6% Jr. High Girls Coach 6% Yearbook Advisor If it’s a class Not a class 4% 7% Jr. High Boys/Girls Asst (1) 6% Junior High Year Book 4% Department Head - District Coordinated School Heath 4% HS Student Council JH Student Council 2% 1% Social Media Specialist 3% Tutoring: Summer school and after school tutoring and credit recovery will be paid at the rate of $31.25/hour for assigned student instructional time ($25.00/hour for non-bargaining unit personnel).

  • Director Compensation Petitioner shall not compensate members of the Charter School’s Governing Board in excess of reasonable expenses incurred in connection with actual attendance at board meetings or with performance of duties associated therewith.

  • Payment of Compensation Consultant shall submit to City a monthly itemized statement which indicates work completed and hours of Services rendered by Consultant. The statement shall describe the amount of Services and supplies provided since the initial commencement date, or since the start of the subsequent billing periods, as appropriate, through the date of the statement. City shall, within 30 days of receiving such statement, review the statement and pay all approved charges thereon.


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