Catalogue Sample Clauses

Catalogue. The Supplier undertakes from the Commencement Date to maintain the Catalogue in accordance with the terms of its Tender and thereafter to maintain and update its Catalogue entries for all G-Cloud Services offered under this Framework Agreement. The Supplier further agrees to honour its prices and/or other terms quoted in its Catalogue entries and to bring the existence of its offering in the Catalogue to the attention of any Contracting Body that enquires of it in relation to G-Cloud Services. Subject to the Authority’s Approval (that shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed) the Supplier may vary, but not materially change, subject to the Authority’s Approval (that shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed) the Catalogue entries with any new prices and/or service definition in respect of all orders placed thereafter. The Supplier may also remove the Catalogue entries. Once the G-Cloud Services have been ordered by a Contracting Body, the Supplier hereby undertakes to maintain the terms at the time of the Order and for the duration of any Call-Off Agreement. The Supplier may reduce the price stated in the Catalogue at any time. The pricing of Call-Off Agreements must be based on the prices stated in the Supplier’s Catalogue Entry. If the Authority or any Other Contracting Body decides to source G-Cloud Services through this Framework then it will select the relevant suppliers and choose between them in accordance with the Framework Schedule 3 (Call-Off Ordering Procedure).
Catalogue. 25.1 If the City publishes a catalogue for the Artwork (“Catalogue”), the City will have full responsibility for the selection of its writers, editing, text and design.
Catalogue. It is agreed that a catalogue of Shop Fabricated Piping Products may be maintained by the Union and the Canadian Pipe Fabricators Association showing those items manufactured as standard products in accordance with the scope of this Agreement.
Catalogue. 12.1 The Supplier shall operate the Catalogue in accordance with Framework Schedule 3 (Catalogue).
Catalogue. Lots 1-4
Catalogue. 1.2.1 The Catalogue and its constituent Service Offer(s) are used for the purpose of Direct Awards by Contracting Bodies.
Catalogue. 5. Fumigation Certificate (if wooden packaging is used)
Catalogue. An official catalogue is to be published by ARTS FOR A BETTER WORLD for Scope New York. No claims can or will be entertained with respect to errors and/or omissions in the catalogue. The Exhibitor is responsible for all content and entries and for any damages claimed through the publication thereof. Each Exhibitor is restricted to one page in the catalogue.
Catalogue. The Catalogue and its constituent Service Offer(s) are used for the purpose of Direct Awards by Contracting Bodies. The Catalogue comprises all the Supplier’s live Service Offers . A Service Offer shall comprise only of Services specific to the Lot(s) identified in Clause 2. Service Offers will be deemed to have been made available by the Supplier to Contracting Bodies on the first day the Service Offer appears on the Catalogue. The Catalogue will be made available to Contracting Bodies using the Catalogue Publication Portal. By participating in this Framework Agreement, the Supplier gives the Authority the right to publish without amendment all Service Offers (including Mandatory Service Offers) on any public facing portal or any media, including any electronic medium, the Authority deems appropriate to publish the Service Offers to Contracting Bodies. The Supplier shall either: maintain its Service Offers on the Catalogue Publication Portal; or provide the Authority with its Service Offers and such other reasonable assistance to enable the Authority to maintain the Supplier’s entries on the Catalogue Publication Portal. The Supplier may also make its Service Offers available to Contracting Bodies using its own portals or media, including any electronic medium, subject to Clause 45. Each Service Offer must be described using the Service Offer Template which must: identify a unique reference number for each Service Offer; identify the Service Offer type, as detailed in paragraph 1.5; identify the Lot or Lots from which the Service Offer is derived, subject to paragraph 1.2.3; include a suitable description of the Services relevant to the Service Offer; include a Core Component element; include an Outline Implementation Plan; include a Price Card; and may include: any Supplementary Component elements; conditions placed that must be met by the Contracting Body prior to the Service Offer being a valid offer that can be accepted by it. Any conditions must be reasonable and proportionate to the Service Offer; where within the scope of the Service Offer Template, refine or amend parts of the Call Off Terms (such as the Service Levels) provided that such refinements and/or amendments do not amount to a material change of this Framework Agreement within the meaning of the Regulations and the Law. Mandatory Service Offer This is a Service Offer that the Supplier submitted as part of its Tender in respect of each Lot identified in Clause 2 and is appended to Part C ...
Catalogue. Schedule E – Reproduction Rights is part of the Scale Agreement between the NGC and CARFAC/RAAV under the Status of the Artist Act, S.C.,1992, c.33. Please consult the Schedule E to determine how to calculate the fee.