CATALOGUE Sample Clauses

CATALOGUE. The Supplier undertakes from the Commencement Date to maintain the Catalogue in accordance with the terms of its Tender and thereafter to maintain and update its Catalogue entries for all G-Cloud Services offered under this Framework Agreement. The Supplier further agrees to honour its prices and/or other terms quoted in its Catalogue entries and to bring the existence of its offering in the Catalogue to the attention of any Contracting Body that enquires of it in relation to G-Cloud Services. Subject to the Authority’s Approval (that shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed) the Supplier may vary, but not materially change, subject to the Authority’s Approval (that shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed) the Catalogue entries with any new prices and/or service definition in respect of all orders placed thereafter. The Supplier may also remove the Catalogue entries. Once the G-Cloud Services have been ordered by a Contracting Body, the Supplier hereby undertakes to maintain the terms at the time of the Order and for the duration of any Call-Off Agreement. The Supplier may reduce the price stated in the Catalogue at any time. The pricing of Call-Off Agreements must be based on the prices stated in the Supplier’s Catalogue Entry. If the Authority or any Other Contracting Body decides to source G-Cloud Services through this Framework then it will select the relevant suppliers and choose between them in accordance with the Framework Schedule 3 (Call-Off Ordering Procedure).
CATALOGUE. 12.1 The Supplier shall operate the Catalogue in accordance with Framework Schedule 3 (Catalogue).
CATALOGUE. We continuously innovate and improve our approach to provide best products and/ solutions at an ultracompetitive cost (highest value) to our clients. The products & its pricing varies on multitude of factors such as project scope, capacity, specifications, technical features, shell life etc. Our alliances, procurement process, and lean operations will ensure our rates are always ultracompetitive. CVAL can provide all the requested products &services mentioned in this RFP. Below is a snapshot of products that we offer: HVAC Equipment & Supplies Energy and Water Efficiency goods and Services Part 1 & 2 RFP/RCSP 220106 Lighting products and supplies Interior Recessed JPTR22-26W 2x2 troffer JPTR24-32W 2x4 troffer JPTR22-30W-BWDS 2x2 troffer JPTR24-40W-BWDS 2x4 troffer High bays JRHBE-100W Round highbay JRHBE-100W Round highbay JRHBE-230W Round highbay JPLHB-110W Linear highbay JPLHB-160W Linear highbay JPLHB-220W Linear highbay JPLHB-320W Linear highbay JPLHB-400W Linear highbay LED Tubes JT8-AB-NSF-4FT-12W Type AB JT8-AB-NSF-4FT-15W Type AB JT8-AB-NSF-4FT-18W Type AB Stairwell JSTR2-30W-CT-DSP 2' Stairwell JSTR4-40W-CT-DSP 4' Stairwell JSTR8-80W-CT-DSP 8' Stairwell Exit signs JES-DF Double sided Exterior Area pole lights JAL-60W JAL-450W Area flood lights PFL-15W PFL-30W PFL-50W PFL-80W PFL-100W PFL-150W PFL-230W PFL-300W PFL-400W Wall Packs PWP-NC-30W PWP-NC-50W PWP-NC-80W PWP-NC-120W Sports flood lights JSLP-400W JSLP-500W JSLP-600W JSLP-750W JSLP-1000W JSLP-1200W Energy and Water Efficiency goods and Services Part 1 & 2 RFP/RCSP 220106
CATALOGUE. It is agreed that a catalogue of Shop Fabricated Piping Products may be maintained by the Union and the Canadian Pipe Fabricators Association showing those items manufactured as standard products in accordance with the scope of this Agreement.
CATALOGUE. 1.2.1 The Catalogue and its constituent Service Offer(s) are used for the purpose of Direct Awards by Contracting Bodies.
CATALOGUE. Fox shall not be obligated to include any Licensed Pictures that are not Qualified Pictures in any Existing Fox Output Deals or New Fox Output Deals that (A) relate to new theatrical releases only, (B) enumerate specific titles, and/or (C) contain volume restrictions for catalogue product.
CATALOGUE. The auction will also be published online in principle and a preview is held 3 days before it. The works published in the online catalogue are structured in consideration of copyright based on laws, regulations and ministerial ordinances, and we declare that we have obtained permission to use the copyrighted material.