Call Detail Records Sample Clauses

Call Detail Records. The Alliances will provide Sprint with electronic call detail records on a near real time basis (“Electronic Billing”). Sprint shall provide for network facilities to transport call detail records to support Electronic Billing and is responsible for providing systems and capacity to receive all available call detail records. Electronic call detail records will be provided in native format. For purposes of this Agreement, the term “near real time basis” means the period of time in which the Alliances can read their own call detail records for the Alliances’ Customers. With respect to payment for defective call detail records, Sprint may, in addition to any other rights and remedies available to Sprint, dispute such payments under the procedures set forth in Section 6.3. Additionally, Sprint will have no responsibility for paying invoices for PCS Services to the extent that the Alliances do not forward the call detail records for Sprint Customers from Alliances’ switches to the Alliances’ platform within ten (10) days after the occurrence of the call.
Call Detail Records. (1) Call Detail Records ("CDRS") for OPERATOR SERVICES are available to Customer on a next day basis. Customer assumes responsibility for pulling the CDRs from the Carrier Operator Services Bulletin Board. Records will only be posted to the bulletin board for ten (10) days from the date of call.
Call Detail Records. 1.18 Ooredoo will provide Reseller, upon request and for a reasonable charge, call detail records for Communications made by Reseller Customers as promptly and as frequently as is operationally and commercially reasonable, but no more frequently than once per day. Exact procedures will be agreed by the parties but the call records will be provided either directly from Ooredoo’ MSC or its IN Platform. Monthly Invoicing
Call Detail Records. 5.1 Upon request from Customer, Qwest shall provide Call Detail Records ("CDR's") for the Services on compact disc(s) ("CDR Compact Disc(s)"). Qwest shall provide to Customer one (1) CDR per month. Monthly CDR Compact Discs under this Subsection are provided at a recurring charge of [*] per month for the first disc, and [*] for each additional disc.
Call Detail Records. Call Detail Records ("CDRs") shall be retained by Company for a period of one year either on tape or disc format. Archived CDRs shall be made available for review by Customer upon fifteen 15 days notice during normal working hours. Call Detail Records shall be provided with the information and in the format as set out in Exhibit E attached hereto.
Call Detail Records. Until Qwest and FVC define and implement the automatic usage feed from FVC to Qwest, no less frequently than weekly each Friday at
Call Detail Records. Seller shall instruct all carriers to submit all call detail records to Purchaser Xxx Xxxxxx Xxxx South, Wallingford, CT 06492 or as otherwise instructed by Purchaser immediately upon closing regardless if the assignment and assumption of the wholesale contracts contemplated herein are completed or not.
Call Detail Records. 4.1 Customer shall have the option of receiving call detail records for usage of the Services ("CDR") on (i) a monthly basis, (ii) a pre-xxxx run basis (approximately six times per week), or (iii) no CDR at all. Customer may also elect both options (i) and (ii), as further detailed below.
Call Detail Records. (CDRs) of the terminating Party shall be the basis for billing. In the event of a billing dispute between the Parties the originating and terminating CDRs of both Parties shall be considered, using mutually acceptable and industry standard practices for CDR comparison and reconciliation.
Call Detail Records. If Provider makes CDRs available to Customer via an API at any time, Customer will obtain API documentation from Provider. Provider does not guarantee CDR availability, nor does it warrant the accuracy of the data available via API; the failure to provide CDRs, regardless of reason, will not constitute a breach of the MSA or these Terms and Conditions.