Assess Sample Clauses

Assess. In your first meeting, you will meet with the Assistant to describe your situation, any obstacles you face in obtaining the resources you need, and any resources you have used thus far and their results.
Assess. Once an incident or suspected incident has been reported to your Program Manager and Coordinator, they need to immediately determine if a privacy breach has occurred. In making this assessment, two important questions need to be answered: Is personal information involved? Not all data in the custody or control of an institution is personal information. Therefore, the first part of your assessment is to identity the type of information affected by the incident. Definition: Personal information is defined in subsection 2(1) of FIPPA as recorded information about an identifiable individual (i.e., natural person) and includes, but is not limited to: race, nationality, religion, age, sex, marital status, education, medical or criminal history, financial information, identifying numbers, address, telephone number, fingerprints, blood type, and opinions. The definition of personal information is not exhaustive – an institution may have other types of personal information in its custody or control. Personal information may include information that is not recorded (e.g., a verbal disclosure). Also, if there is a reasonable expectation that an individual can be identified from the information disclosed (either alone or when combined with other information), such information will likely qualify as personal information. Has an unauthorized disclosure occurred? Unauthorized disclosure, whether it is intentional, inadvertent, or as a result of a criminal activity, is the defining activity for privacy breaches. It is the “threshold” or “triggermechanism for the application of this Guide. If the answer to both questions is “yes”, a privacy breach has occurred and you need to follow the rest of the privacy breach response protocol outlined in this Guide. Note: Institutions have a responsibility to protect personal information and to secure general records, particularly sensitive records.11 Respond to security breaches involving general records in accordance with established rules and regulations. Report incidents involving unauthorized collection, use, retention or disposal of personal information to your Coordinator. Key Players Suggested Responsibilities Program Manager and Coordinator Work together to: ▪ Obtain all available information about the nature of the breach or suspected breach (e.g., when, where, whose personal information involved, how much personal information involved, verbal disclosure or hard copies involved, etc.). ▪ Determine what happened (e.g., did ...
Assess. CRA will routinely assess the effectiveness of its communication, monitoring, documentation and other compliance with the obligations specified in Article VIII and this Exhibit D and make changes to correct any deficiencies identified in such assessments. CRA will create and preserve documentation to evidence such assessments and corrective actions taken in response to such deficiencies.
Assess. 174, 1-2. For the German and French version, see xxxx:// and xxxx://
Assess. The Committee will assess the routes, route structures, equipment and locations.
Assess. Assess the Subdivision for the total costs of the Improvements;
Assess. 174:1-2. For the German and French version, see xxxxx:// und-monitoring/langfristige-waldoekosystemforschung-lwf/daten/datenanfrage.html and xxxxx:// ecosystemes-forestiers-lwf/donnees/demande-de-donnees.html
Assess. Continue to track ethics and compliance complaints by employees to measure progress against baseline using an agreed-upon methodology. 2.

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  • Costs Whether or not this Agreement is terminated, the Mortgage Loan Seller will pay its pro rata share (the Mortgage Loan Seller’s pro rata portion to be determined according to the percentage that the aggregate Cut-off Date Balance of all the Mortgage Loans represents as to the aggregate Cut-off Date Balance of all the mortgage loans of the Trust Fund (the “Cut-off Date Pool Balance”)) of all costs and expenses of the Purchaser in connection with the transactions contemplated herein, including, but not limited to: (i) the costs and expenses of the Purchaser in connection with the purchase of the Mortgage Loans; (ii) the costs and expenses of reproducing and delivering the Pooling and Servicing Agreement and this Agreement and printing (or otherwise reproducing) and delivering the Certificates; (iii) the reasonable and documented set-up fees, costs and expenses of the Trustee, the Certificate Administrator and their respective counsel; (iv) the fees and disbursements of a firm of certified public accountants selected by the Purchaser and the Mortgage Loan Seller with respect to numerical information in respect of the Mortgage Loans and the Certificates included in the Preliminary Prospectus, the Preliminary Private Placement Memorandum, the Prospectus and the Private Placement Memorandum or any other marketing materials or structural and collateral term sheets (or any similar item), including the cost of obtaining any agreed-upon procedures letters with respect to such items; (v) the costs and expenses in connection with the qualification or exemption of the Certificates under state securities or blue sky laws, including filing fees and reasonable fees and disbursements of counsel in connection therewith; (vi) the costs and expenses in connection with any determination of the eligibility of the Certificates for investment by institutional investors in any jurisdiction and the preparation of any legal investment survey, including reasonable fees and disbursements of counsel in connection therewith; (vii) the costs and expenses in connection with printing (or otherwise reproducing) and delivering this Agreement and the furnishing to the Underwriters or the Initial Purchasers, as applicable, of such copies of the Preliminary Prospectus, the Preliminary Private Placement Memorandum, the Prospectus and the Private Placement Memorandum or any other marketing materials or structural and collateral term sheets (or any similar item) and this Agreement as the Underwriters and the Initial Purchasers may reasonably request; (viii) the fees of the rating agency or agencies engaged to consider rating the Certificates or hired and requested to rate the Certificates; (x) all registration fees incurred by the Purchaser in connection with the filing of its Registration Statement allocable to the issuance of the Registered Certificates; (xi) the upfront fee payable to the Asset Representations Reviewer on the Closing Date in the amount agreed by the parties hereto; and (xii) the reasonable fees and expenses of special counsel to the Purchaser.

  • Attorney Fees and Costs In the event of a lawsuit or litigation concerning this Lease or enforcement of this Lease the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney fees and costs. This will also cover appellant fees and appellant costs.

  • Attorney Fees In any action or proceeding to enforce or interpret any provision of this Contract, or where any provision hereof is validly asserted as a defense, each Party shall bear its own attorney’s fees, costs and expenses.

  • Complexity Intermediate professional level role. Provides production support on multiple platforms. Works on multiple projects as a team member and may lead projects of moderate complexity. May coach more junior technical staff. JOB FAMILY: TELECOMMUNICATIONS‌ Job Title: Manager, Telecommunications Operations Job#: 3000 General Characteristics Manages the operations, daily planning, engineering, design, and resource allocation for the enterprise’s telecommunications functions. Ensures customer satisfaction through quality standards and measures by evaluating the performance of telecommunications networks and related interfaces. Responsible for strategic telecommunications planning and works with senior IT leadership to coordinate telecommunication plans with those of the business. Develops and implements standards, procedures, and processes for the telecommunications group. Plans and manages the support of new technologies, performance and reliability. Defines and negotiates service level agreements. Oversees and coordinates the daily activities of the operations center. Performs a coordination role with enterprise management, vendors and customers.