Appliance Sample Clauses

Appliance. Client may provide their own backup appliance unit or use Marco’s provided backup appliance unit. If Marco provided, the backup appliance unit, listed on the SOP, will be utilized by Marco in the execution of this service, shall remain the property of Marco, and must be returned if requested. If the backup appliance unit is stolen, damaged or destroyed, Client must pay the replacement cost of the unit. If Client provides their own backup appliance unit, Marco will only be responsible for the management of the appliance.
Appliance. The delivery date of an Appliance depends on the delivery date communicated to Exasol by the Preferred Hardware Manufacturer, is a reasonable efforts estimate only, and time for delivery of any Appliance shall not in any circumstances be of the essence to this Agreement. Exasol will inform Customer as soon as possible about a possible delivery date. Unless otherwise provided for in the Order, the Appliance will be shipped at the expense of Customer. Exasol will ship an Appliance using a carrier providing for delivery against receipt. Delivery and transfer of the risk of loss of an Appliance to the Customer will take place when the Appliance is handed over to the carrier (“Appliance Delivery”). The Software installed on any Appliance remains the property of Exasol, subject to the licensing and other terms of this Agreement.
Appliance. When the Software is Appliance, Customer’s rights to the Software under the first sentence of Section 3(a) are limited to the right to deploy a number of execution agents in Appliance at a time that is not more than the number specified in the Customer’s applicable Order.
Appliance. MALFUNCTIONS and service requests from Tenant will be responded to as soon as possible. There are ABSOLUTELY NO REBATES OR REFUNDS issued to Tenant for any reason, as every good faith effort is made to ensure that the Property is maintained. This NO REBATE/REFUND policy shall include the loss of use of TV, DVD, stereo, internet, or other entertainment equipment, hot tub, pool, or any other household equipment due to mechanical failure, power outage, water system outage, Cable TV service disruption, or any other electronic or entertainment system. Landlord is not responsible for changes, additions, or deletions, of equipment in the properties.
Appliance an Eligible Product, designed for a particular function and not for general purpose computing tasks, that may be a Program (in the case of a “Virtual Appliance”) or composed of a Program Component, a Machine Component, and any Machine Code Component that IBM may provide to Customer. Audit Reports – a set of reports available in the IBM License Metric Tool (“ILMT”), or by another method acceptable to IBM as specified at xxxx:// . These reports provide the Processor Value Unit (“PVU”) license requirements based on the Virtualization Capacity available to the Eligible Sub-Capacity Product. CEO Useran individual to whom a machine has been assigned that is capable of copying, using, or extending the use of Programs in a CEO Product Category. Contentinformation, software, and data, including, without limitation, any Personal Data, hypertext markup language files, scripts, programs, recordings, sound, music, graphics, images, applets, or servlets that are created, provided, uploaded, or transferred by Customer and any user authorized by Customer. Customer – the customer Enterprise company that is ordering Eligible Products. Customer Originating Company – the legal entity within Customer’s Enterprise of which the entity that identifies itself as the “Originating Site” on an “IBM International Passport Advantage Enrollment Form” is a part. Customer-set-up Machine Component – an IBM Machine Component that Customer is responsible for installing according to instructions provided with it. Date of Installation
Appliance. GUARD - The following coverage and exclusions to coverage apply if You elected for complete Appliance Guard or complete Total Home Guard coverage under this Agreement. NOTE: See Section H.10 for applicable Covered Item dollar limits.
Appliance. Vendor may provide you with a dongle or other appliance (the “Appliance”) as a part of your Solution, in which case the additional provisions set forth in this Section 13.15 will apply:
Appliance. Service can either be delivered in nearest suitable LightEdge data center or at customer location. Service provisioned in LightEdge data center includes the following items as required: - Rack space - Power - Network Infrastructure o Ethernet drop (up to 2 Cat5e RJ-45 included at no cost) o VLANs (up to 3 per Customer included at no cost) o Subnets (up to /26 per Customer included at no cost) o Routing (1 VRF per Customer included at no cost) Additional quantity of units above may be available at additional cost. Where units are defined as “per Customer” the sum of units allocated though all other LightEdge services shall count toward total.
Appliance. If and as stated in a Quote, Exasol sells Customer a computer appliance with pre-installed Software and Third Party Components (“Appliance”). The Software installed on the Appliance will be subject to the Perpetual License. Any delivery time for an Appliance is an estimate only. The Appliance will be shipped by a carrier selected in Exasol’s reasonable discretion at Customer’s expense. Delivery and transfer of the risk of loss of an Appliance to Customer will take place when the Appliance is handed over to the carrier.