Program Plan definition

Program Plan schedule of program activities as described in the Proposal and as presented in graphical form (Gantt chart) in Annex D
Program Plan means a plan for direction of each major human services program.

Examples of Program Plan in a sentence

  • The MS4 Program Plan includes public education and outreach programs to provide educational information related to stormwater management, pet waste management, water quality, and stormwater pollution prevention through local publication, brochures, website, and social media.

  • FFGA RSD did not exist at the time of the April 2016 Program Plan.

  • At this time, not all milestones have been established as the revised Program Plan continues to be refined.

  • If a DBE/MBE/WBE Program Plan is agreed to and the Contractor has identified Subcontractors, the Contractor is required to submit a Contract Close-Out MBE/WBE Compliance Report to the Purchasing Manager no later than the 15th calendar day after completion of all work under the contract.

  • STATE VETERANS’ PROGRAM PLAN OF SERVICES: Title 38, USC Chapters 41, 42 and 43, as amended by the Jobs for Veterans Act Grant (JVAG) (Public Law 107-288) requires that each grant recipient (State) must submit a State Veterans’ Program Plan of Services describing how the State, and subsequently the RWBs and the One-Stop Career Centers will provide services to veterans.

More Definitions of Program Plan

Program Plan means the Packaging and Printed Paper Program Plan dated July 1, 2018, as may be amended from time to time, found here.
Program Plan means a response to a requirement specified in the Qualified Vendor application that identifies the services to be provided and the service specific methodology to be followed by the applicant.
Program Plan means the tobacco settlement program
Program Plan means the family college AZ529, ARIZONA'S
Program Plan means a comprehensive and complete narrative of program elements, including, but need not be limited to:
Program Plan means a mutually agreed upon written plan detailing the activities to be conducted by the Parties and associated Program Budgets for the applicable Program, including, but not limited to, (a) the purpose and scope of such Program, (b) the applicable Field, (c) the nature, scope and timeframe of the activities to be conducted by each Party; (d) to the extent practicable, the characteristics of the Protein Sequence(s) to be designed, engineered, and/or evolved, and (e) such other information, processes or procedures as Takeda and Codexis may mutually agree upon. The Program Plans respectively for the Fabry Program, the Pompe Program and the [***] Program are attached hereto as Exhibit B, Exhibit C, and Exhibit D.