Program Plan definition

Program Plan means the tobacco settlement program plan dated February 14, 2001, including exhibits to the program plan, submitted by the authority to the legislative council and the executive council, to provide the state with a secure and stable source of funding for the purposes designated by section 12E.3A and other provisions of this chapter.
Program Plan schedule of program activities as described in the Proposal and as presented in graphical form (Xxxxx chart) in Annex D
Program Plan means the Packaging and Printed Paper Program Plan dated July 1, 2018, as may be amended from time to time, found here.

Examples of Program Plan in a sentence

  • The person’s Short-Term Job Coaching Employment Program Plan shall be developed consistent with the consumer’s IPE in terms of the employment goal, work hours per week and other relevant factors.

  • The CLC Program Plan should describe in detail these activities and programs.

  • If LPHA completes fewer than 75% of the planned activities in its OHA-approved Biennial Local Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Program Plan for two consecutive calendar quarters in one state fiscal year LPHA will not be eligible to receive funding under this Program Element during the next state fiscal year.

  • Please contact the CLC Office at 475-8701 with any questions or for assistance in writing the CLC Program Plan.

  • LPHA must report to OHA semi-annually to describe progress made in completing activities and achieving the goals and objectives set forth in the LPHA’s OHA-approved Local Alcohol and Other Drug Program Plan.

More Definitions of Program Plan

Program Plan or “plan of operation” means the annual plan for each local board of
Program Plan means a comprehensive and complete narrative of program elements, including, but need not be limited to:
Program Plan means a plan for direction of each major human services program.
Program Plan or “plan of operation” means the annual plan for each local board of health that must be submitted to the commissioner for approval;
Program Plan means the tobacco settlement program
Program Plan means a plan for the redevelopment of all or
Program Plan means the comprehensive plan and overall strategy, and any updates thereto, for the Development and manufacture of Cell Therapy Products and the Commercialization of Collaboration Products. The Program Plan shall be comprised of the Development Plan, Manufacturing Plan, Regulatory Plan, Commercial Plan and other allowable activities (and Other Allowed Expenditures) and an associated budget for the foregoing.