Angle Sample Clauses

Angle. In consideration of the severance payments described in Section 2 of the Agreement, and other good and valuable consideration, which are given to Ms. Angle specifically in exchange for the release as a result of negotiations between the Bank and her, Ms. Angle, on behalf of herself, her marital community, and her and their heirs, successors and assigns, hereby releases and discharges the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines, its employee benefit plans, its current or former directors, officers, employees, agents, insurers, attorneys, consultants, and auditors, and any and each of their successors and assigns and predecessors (“Released Parties”), from any and all claims, charges, causes of action and damages (including attorneys’ fees and costs actually incurred), known and unknown (“Claims”), including those Claims related in any way to Ms. Angle’s employment with the Bank, or the termination of her employment relationship or position as an officer of the Bank, arising on or prior to the effective date of the Agreement. It is understood and agreed that the waivers in the Agreement are not intended to waive Ms. Angle’s rights: (a) to indemnification from the Bank or its insurers pursuant to any applicable provision of the Bank’s bylaws or policies, or pursuant to applicable law; (b) under ERISA to receive her accrued vested benefits and the benefits specifically reserved for her in the Agreement; or (c) respecting the Bank’s obligations under the Agreement. For the purposes of implementing a full and complete release and discharge of the Bank and the other Released Parties, and each of them, Ms. Angle expressly acknowledges that the Agreement is intended to include in its effect, without limitation, all Claims which she does not know or suspect to exist in her favor at the time she signs the Agreement, and that the Agreement is intended to fully and finally resolve any such Claim or Claims. The release contained in this Section 8 specifically includes, but is not limited to, rights and claims under the local, state or federal laws prohibiting discrimination in employment, including the Civil Rights Acts, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (except as otherwise stated herein), the employee protection provisions of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act (12 U.S.C. § 1831j), Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Sxxxxxxx-Xxxxx Act of 20...

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  • Signaling Each Party will provide the other Party with access to its databases and associated signaling necessary for the routing and completion of the other Party’s traffic in accordance with the provisions contained in the Unbundled Network Element Attachment or applicable access tariff.

  • Signaling Parameters All SS7 signaling parameters will be provided in conjunction with traffic exchange trunk groups, where and as available. These parameters include Automatic Number Identification ("ANI"), Calling Party Number ("CPN"), Privacy Indicator, calling party category information, originating line information, charge number, etc. Also included are all parameters relating to network signaling information, such as Carrier Information Parameter ("CIP"), wherever such information is needed for call routing or billing. GTE will provide SS7 via GR-394-SS7 and/or GR-317-SS7 format(s).

  • Porcupine Site Highway 11

  • Dark Fiber 8.1 Subject to the conditions set forth in Section 1 of this Attachment and upon request by CBB, Verizon shall provide CBB with access to unbundled Dark Fiber Loops, Dark Fiber Sub-Loops and Dark Fiber IOF in accordance with, and subject to, the rates, terms and conditions provided in the Pricing Attachment and rates, terms and conditions of Verizon’s applicable Tariffs. Access to unbundled Dark Fiber Loops, Dark Fiber Sub-Loops and Dark Fiber IOF will be provided by Verizon only where existing facilities are available. Access to Dark Fiber Loops, Dark Fiber Sub-Loops and Dark Fiber IOF will be provided in accordance with, but only to the extent required by, Applicable Law. Dark Fiber Loops, Dark Fiber Sub-Loops and Dark Fiber IOF consist of Verizon optical transmission facilities without attached multiplexers, aggregation or other electronics. To the extent Verizon’s Dark Fiber Loops, Dark Fiber Sub-Loops and Dark Fiber IOF contain any lightwave repeaters (e.g., regenerators or optical amplifiers) installed thereon, Verizon shall not remove the same. Except as otherwise required by Applicable Law, the following terms and conditions apply to Verizon's Dark Fiber offerings.

  • Smoke Detectors At Owner's expense, smoke detectors will be installed on the Property in working condition in accordance with the law prior to the tenant's occupancy. During the occupancy, it shall be the tenant's responsibility to maintain all smoke detectors. Owner will replace smoke detector equipment as needed.

  • Temperature Where low temperature and/or self-service cases are used for any of such merchandise coming under the jurisdiction of the Union, such cases shall be served only by employees covered by this Agreement.

  • Elevation Elevation is defined as restoring an employee to the higher classification, with permanent status, which was held prior to being granted a demotion or to a class that is between the current class and the class from which the employee was demoted. Upon elevation, an employee’s salary will be determined in the same manner that is provided for promotion in Section 43.5, above.

  • Meters 7.1.1 For installation of Meters, Meter testing, Meter calibration and Meter reading and all matters incidental thereto, the SPD and SECI shall follow and be bound by the Central Electricity Authority (Installation and Operation of Meters) Regulations, 2006, the Grid Code, as amended and revised from time to time.

  • Speed The relative importance we attach is “high”.

  • SUBLOOPS 45.1. Sprint will offer unbundled access to copper subloops and subloops for access to multiunit premises wiring. Sprint will consider all requests for access to subloops through the ICB process due to the wide variety of interconnections available and the lack of standards. A written response will be provided to CLEC covering the interconnection time intervals, prices and other information based on the ICB process as set forth in this Agreement.