Allowance definition

Allowance means a sum of money which the Agency may include in the total amount of the Contract for such specific contingencies as the Agency believes may be necessary to complete the Work, e.g., lead or asbestos remediation, and for which the Contractor will be paid on the basis of stipulated unit prices or a formula set forth in the Contract or negotiated between the parties provided, however, that if the Contractor is not directed to use the Allowance, the Contractor shall have no right to such money and it shall be deducted from the total amount of the Contract.
Allowance means an amount based on a percentage of the accepted bid for an eligible project to help defray the planning, design, and construction engineering and administration costs of the Project.

Examples of Allowance in a sentence

  • Effluent Concentration Allowance (ECA)ECA is a value derived from the water quality criterion/objective, dilution credit, and ambient background concentration that is used, in conjunction with the coefficient of variation for the effluent monitoring data, to calculate a long-term average (LTA) discharge concentration.

  • Incase they leave the institution medi-claim amount availed by them will be recovered from them.• Children Education Allowance of Rs.300/- per child for a maximum of two children age between 3 and 15 years.

  • Telephone Allowance, Newspaper Allowance, Brief Case Allowance etc.

  • Other Professional ProvidersWho have not signed an agreement with Blue Cross and Blue Shield to accept the Maximum Allowance as payment in full.

  • Other Professional ProvidersWho have signed an Agreement with Blue Cross and Blue Shield to accept the Maximum Allowance as payment in full.

More Definitions of Allowance

Allowance means an authorization by the administrator under Title IV of the Act or rules promulgated thereunder to emit during or after a specified calendar year up to one ton of sulfur dioxide.
Allowance means compensation payable to an employee in addition to the regular remuneration payable for the performance of the duties of his position.
Allowance means an authorization to emit a fixed amount of carbon dioxide.
Allowance means an allowance to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent during a specified period, which shall be valid only for the purposes of meeting the requirements of this Directive and shall be transferable in accordance with the provisions of this Directive;
Allowance means an authorization, allocated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Acid Rain Program, to emit sulfur dioxide (SO2), any SO2 and nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions subject to the Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR), or mercury (Hg) emissions subject to the Clean Air Mercury Rule (CAMR), during or after a specified calendar year.
Allowance shall have the meaning as set forth in the Section 4.9(a) of the Agreement.