Regular Full-Time Employees Sample Clauses

Regular Full-Time Employees. A regular full-time employee is one who works full-time on a regularly scheduled basis. Regular full-time employees accumulate seniority and are entitled to all benefits outlined in this Collective Agreement.
Regular Full-Time Employees. A) Definition
Regular Full-Time Employees a) less than five (5) yearsservice – twenty-eight (28) calendar daysnotice or regular pay for twenty (20) work days;
Regular Full-Time Employees. Regular full-time employees are those who are regularly scheduled to work the full hours of work as provided in Article 24.01, in shifts ranging between seven point two (7.2) hours and eight (8) hours inclusive, or equivalent. (For shifts in excess of eight (8) hours, see Memorandum of AgreementExtended Work Day or Extended Work Week.) Effective September 1, 2013, shift length for full hours of work as provided in Article 24.01 will be seven point five (7.5). (For shifts in excess of seven point five (7.5), see Memorandum of Agreement – Extended Work Day or Extended Work Week.)
Regular Full-Time Employees. Each Regular Full-time Employee will be granted an additional day off with pay at a time mutually agreed upon between the Employer and the Employee. An Employee is only entitled to such Holiday if they are in the employ of the Employer on January 1st of the year in which the Holiday is to be provided. Failing mutual agreement by December 31st of the year, the Employee shall receive payment for such day at their Basic Rate of Pay.
Regular Full-Time Employees. Newly hired full-time employees shall be on a probationary period for a term of 90 working days from their date of hire as a full-time employee.
Regular Full-Time Employees. The Employer may extend the probationary period a further forty (40) days actually worked and the employee and the Union shall be advised.
Regular Full-Time Employees. A Regular Full-time Employee who is called back and required to return to work without undue delay, outside of their regular hours, shall be paid for any one (1) call at either: