Regular Full-Time Employees definition

Regular Full-Time Employees means employees, other than Temporary Employees, normally scheduled to work at least thirty (30) hours a week unless the Company’s local practices, as from time to time in force, whether or not in writing, establish a different hours threshold for regular full-time employees.
Regular Full-Time Employees means an employee who has successfully completed his probationary period and is regularly employed for not more than forty (40) hours per week.

Examples of Regular Full-Time Employees in a sentence

  • Effective April : The Employer agrees to investigate and implement a Sabbatical Education Leave Program for Regular Full-Time Employees which will incorporate those elements which are statutorily mandatory for a Sabbatical Education Leave Program.

  • Only Regular Full-Time Employees are eligible to participate in such arrangements.

  • Regular Full-Time Employees who are assigned to the paving crew on a year- round basis shall be reimbursed up to every twelve (12) months upon presentation of receipts.

  • Current Regular Full-Time Employees who formerly worked as Temporary Time Employees and who obtained seniority will also have their past Temporary Full-Time service credited for these same purposes.

More Definitions of Regular Full-Time Employees

Regular Full-Time Employees means employee(s) in a bargaining unit who hold regular full-time positions and who are regularly scheduled to work forty ( 40) hours per week;
Regular Full-Time Employees as defined in Article 1.01(b).
Regular Full-Time Employees means those individuals that are employed with the University: (1) 100 percent (100%) of the University’s defined work week for the position held; and (2) on a continuing basis for nine (9) months or more each calendar year. This definition does not include full-time employees employed with the University for a temporary or durational period of time.
Regular Full-Time Employees is one who is scheduled to work a minimum of 35 hours/week. "Regular full-time employees" shall accumulate seniority and shall be entitled to all benefits in the collective agreement.
Regular Full-Time Employees means employees, other than Temporary Employees, normally scheduled to work at least thirty

Related to Regular Full-Time Employees

  • Full-time employee means a person engaged to work for the full ordinary hours prescribed.

  • Full-time employment means employment resulting in, at least, an annual earned income reported

  • Regular Employee meaning an employee who is employed for work which is of a continuous full-time or continuous part-time nature;

  • Full-time means 40 hours or more worked per week, or a lesser number of hours if:

  • Full-time student means a person attending or undertaking a full-time course of study and includes a student on a sandwich course;

  • Male employee means an employed male who is caring for a child borne of his spouse or a child placed with the employee for adoption purposes.

  • Transferred Employee has the meaning set forth in Section 5.5(a).

  • Female employee means an employed female who is pregnant or is caring for a child she has borne or a child who has been placed with her for adoption purposes.

  • School employee means (1) a teacher, substitute teacher, school administrator, school superintendent, guidance counselor, psychologist, social worker, nurse, physician, school paraprofessional or coach employed by a local or regional board of education or working in a public elementary, middle or high school; or (2) any other individual who, in the performance of his or her duties, has regular contact with students and who provides services to or on behalf of students enrolled in a public elementary, middle or high school, pursuant to a contract with the local or regional board of education.