After the Mobility Sample Clauses

After the Mobility. IMPORTANT: when you submit the Traineeship Certificate, please make sure that: All fields are filled out The responsible person at the receiving organisation has dated and signed the certificate ALL pages of the certificate are in one, single PDF document SUBMISSION DEADLINE = 5 weeks after the end of your Erasmus+ traineeship If you have any questions about filling out the Traineeship Certificate or you cannot meet the deadline due to circumstances beyond your control, please contact the Scholarships Team: xxxxxxxx@xxx.xxxxxxxxxx.xx.
After the Mobility. A transcript of records will be send by the host institution after completion of the mobility programme by the student. A transcript can be send (by mail) to the contact person at UiO, as written in page 1 of this document, and to the student. The University of Oslo will recognize and transfer the passed number of credits in the student´s degree programme when UiO possess; a transcript of records, the student´s Learning Agreement and an application for recognition (xxxx://
After the Mobility. To evaluate the practice of the individual participant and send Final report to sending organisation the latest one month after the end of the mobility.
After the Mobility. The Receiving Organisation/Enterprise provides a Traineeship Certificate to the trainee and sending institution within 5 weeks. The sending institution recognises the traineeship and registers it according to its commitments before the mobility. During the mobility Annex 2: End notes 1 Nationality: Country to which the person belongs administratively and that issues the ID card and/or passport.
After the Mobility. IMPORTANT: when you submit the Statement of the Host Institution, please make sure that: All fields are filled out The responsible person at the receiving institution has dated and signed the Statement of the Host Institution SUBMISSION DEADLINE = 1 month after the end date of your Erasmus+ study period. If you have any questions about filling out the Statement of the Host Institution or you cannot meet the deadline due to circumstances beyond your control, please contact the Scholarships Team: xxxxxxxx@xxx.xxxxxxxxxx.xx

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  • After the Closing Buyer and Seller shall execute and deliver, or shall cause to be executed and delivered from time to time, such further instruments of conveyance and transfer, and shall take such other actions as any party may reasonably request, to convey and deliver the Assets to Buyer, to perfect Buyer’s title thereto, and to accomplish the orderly transfer of the Assets to Buyer in the manner contemplated by this Agreement. If any party hereto receives monies belonging to the other, such amount shall immediately be paid over to the proper party. If an invoice or other evidence of an obligation is received by a party, which is partially an obligation of both Seller and Buyer, then the parties shall consult with each other, and each shall promptly pay its portion of such obligation to the obligee.

  • After the Closing Date Buyer shall, and shall cause the Company to, provide each party hereto and each stockholder thereof with such cooperation and information relating to the Company and each Subsidiary as such party reasonably may request in filing any Return, amended Return or claim for refund, determining any Tax liability or a right to refund of Taxes, or conducting or defending any audit or other proceeding in respect of Taxes. Buyer shall cause the Company and each Subsidiary to retain all Returns, schedules and work papers, and all material records and other documents relating thereto, until the expiration of the statute of limitations (and, to the extent notified by any party, any extensions thereof) of the taxable years to which such Returns and other documents relate and until the final determination of any Tax in respect of such years. Any information obtained under this Section 6.7(b) shall be kept confidential, except as may be otherwise necessary in connection with filing any Return, amended Return, or claim for refund, determining any Tax liability or right to refund of Taxes, or in conducting or defending any audit or other proceeding in respect of Taxes. Notwithstanding the foregoing, neither Buyer, nor any of its affiliates, shall be required unreasonably to prepare any document, or determine any information not then in its possession, in response to a request under this Section 6.7(b). 6.8

  • Obligations After Closing For a period of 18 months following the Closing Date, Foreland shall have access to and the right to copy all business records necessary to permit the preparation and audit of the financial statements required by the Securities Act and/or the Exchange Act with respect to the Business. The officers, directors, and employees will cooperate, to the extent necessary, to assist in the preparation and audit of such financial statements. In addition, PSC and Foreland shall have access to and the right to copy all of the records of each other relative to the Business as maybe necessary for preparation of employee or corporate tax returns, employee tax reports, and customary accounting functions. Additionally, PSC and Foreland shall agree to make available to the other, at reasonable times and upon reasonable advance notice, relevant records and personnel in connection with the preparation of a defense or the participation in a defense, participation in the prosecution of claim or litigation, and negotiation of a settlement relating to any pending, future, or threatened litigation, or government agency proceeding (including a tax audit) involving the conduct of the Business before or after the Closing, as the case may be, or in the perfection, registration, or transferring of any copyright, trademark right, or other proprietary information or right acquired by Foreland hereunder.

  • Know-How Necessary for the Business The Intellectual Property Rights are all those necessary for the operation of the Company’s businesses as it is currently conducted or contemplated to be conducted. The Company is the owner of all right, title, and interest in and to each of the Intellectual Property Rights, free and clear of all liens, security interests, charges, encumbrances, equities, and other adverse claims, and has the right to use all of the Intellectual Property Rights. To the Company’s knowledge, no employee of the Company has entered into any contract that restricts or limits in any way the scope or type of work in which the employee may be engaged or requires the employee to transfer, assign, or disclose information concerning his work to anyone other than of the Company.

  • Following the Closing Seller shall permit Buyer and its representatives (including, without limitation, their counsel and auditors), during normal business hours, to have reasonable access to, and examine and make copies of, all books and records of Seller and its Affiliates relating to the Hospital, which books and records, are retained by Seller and which relate to transactions or events contemplated by this Agreement occurring prior to the Closing, to the maximum extent permitted by law. For a period of three (3) years after the Closing, Seller agrees that, prior to the destruction or disposition of any such books or records, Seller shall provide not less than forty-five (45) days', nor more than ninety (90) days' prior written notice to Buyer of such proposed destruction or disposal. If Buyer desires to obtain any such documents, it may do so by notifying Seller in writing at any time prior to the date scheduled for such destruction or disposal. In such event, Seller shall not destroy such documents and the parties shall then promptly arrange for the delivery of such documents to Buyer, its successors or assigns. All out-of-pocket costs associated with the delivery of the requested documents shall be paid by Buyer.

  • After Closing Seller and Buyer shall execute, acknowledge and deliver or cause to be executed, acknowledged and delivered, such instruments and take such other action as may be necessary or advisable to carry out their obligations under this Agreement and under any document, certificate or other instrument delivered pursuant hereto.

  • Books and Records; Certain Funds Received After the Cut-off Date From and after the sale of the Mortgage Loans to the Purchaser, title to each Mortgage and the related Mortgage Note shall be transferred to the Trustee in accordance with this Agreement. Any funds due after the Cut-off Date in connection with a Mortgage Loan received by the Seller or any of its Affiliates shall be held in trust for the benefit of the Trustee as the owner of such Mortgage Loan and shall be transferred promptly to the Trustee. All scheduled payments of principal and interest due on or before the Cut-off Date but collected after the Cut-off Date, and recoveries of principal and interest collected on or before the Cut-off Date (only in respect of principal and interest on the Mortgage Loans due on or before the Cut-off Date and principal prepayments thereon), shall belong to, and shall be promptly remitted to, the Seller. The transfer of each Mortgage Loan shall be reflected on the Seller’s balance sheets (and any consolidated balance sheet that includes the Seller) and other financial statements as a sale of such Mortgage Loan by the Seller to the Purchaser. The Seller intends to treat the transfer of each Mortgage Loan to the Purchaser as a sale for tax purposes. The transfer of each Mortgage Loan shall be reflected on the Purchaser’s balance sheets and other financial statements as a purchase of such Mortgage Loan by the Purchaser from the Seller. The Purchaser intends to treat the transfer of each Mortgage Loan from the Seller as a purchase for tax purposes.

  • Exception Where Databases Contain Sufficient Information A Reporting Financial Institution is not required to perform the paper record search described in subparagraph D.2. of this section if the Reporting Financial Institution’s electronically searchable information includes the following:

  • Prior to Closing 9.1.1 This Agreement may be terminated at any time prior to the Closing by the mutual written consent of each of the parties hereto.

  • DAMAGE BY FIRE, ETC If any part of the premises shall be damaged by fire or other casualty, Tenant shall give prompt written notice thereof to Landlord and Landlord shall proceed with reasonable diligence subsequent to the collection by Landlord of insurance proceeds, and in a manner consistent with the provisions of any underlying lease and any underlying mortgage, to repair such damage, and if any part of the premises shall be rendered untenantable by reason of such damage, the annual fixed rent payable hereunder, to the extent that such fixed rent relates to such part of the premises and such abatement is in excess of the annual rate of any other existing abatement of fixed rent relating thereto under any other covenant, agreement, term, provision or condition of this Lease, shall be abated for the period from the date of such damage to the date when such part of the premises shall have been made tenantable or to such earlier date upon which the full term of this Lease with respect to such part of the premises shall expire or terminate, unless such fire or other casualty shall have resulted from the negligence of Tenant or the employees, licensees or invitees of Tenant. Landlord shall not be liable for any inconvenience or annoyance to Tenant or injury to the business of Tenant resulting in any way from such damage or the repair thereof. Tenant understands that Landlord will not carry insurance of any kind on Tenant's property, to wit, Tenant's goods, furniture or furnishings or any fixtures, equipment, improvements, installations or appurtenances removable by Tenant as provided in this Lease, and that the Landlord shall not be obligated to repair any damage thereto or replace the same. If substantial alteration or reconstruction of the Building shall, in the opinion of Landlord, be required as a result of damage by fire or other casualty (whether or not the premises shall have been damaged by such fire or other casualty), then this Lease and the term and estate hereby granted may be terminated by Landlord giving to Tenant within 90 days after the date of such damage written notice specifying a date, not less than 30 days after the giving of such notice, for such termination. In the event of the giving of such notice of termination, this Lease and the term and estate hereby granted shall expire as of the date specified therefor in such notice with the same effect s if such date were the date hereinbefore specified for the expiration of the full term of this Lease, and the fixed rent and additional rent payable hereunder shall be apportioned as of such date of termination, subject to abatement, if any, as and to the extent above provided. In the event Landlord shall not give such notice of termination, Tenant's obligation to pay all rent and additional rent due and to become hereunder shall continue for so long as Tenant's rent insurance policy (as required under Article 10(b) below) shall be in effect or for the period of nine (9) months from the date of such damage, whichever is longer. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, if at the time of the damage or destruction the premises shall in the Tenant's opinion reasonably exercised be prospectively untenantable for 12 months or more, Tenant shall have the right, within 10 days after date of damage, to elect to cancel the Lease by giving written notice to Landlord, which notice shall specify the date of cancellation not earlier than 30 days following the giving of such notice. Such cancellation shall otherwise be of no effect upon the covenants and agreements of this Lease to be kept and observed by the Tenant, and Tenant shall not be released or relieved of any liability or obligation theretofore accrued or incurred or outstanding or unsatisfied as of the date of such cancellation. Each party agrees to endeavor to have included in each of its insurance policies (insuring the Building and Landlord's property therein, in the case of Landlord, and insuring Tenant's Property in the premises, in the case of Tenant, against loss, damage of destruction by fire or other casualty) a waiver of the insurer's right of subrogation against the other party and against all other tenants in the Building, or, if such waiver should be unobtainable or unenforceable, (a) an express agreement that such policy shall not be invalidated if the assured waives the right of recovery against any party responsible for a casualty covered by the policy before the casualty or (b) any other form of permission for the release of the other party. If such waiver, agreement or permission shall not be, or shall cease to be, obtainable (i) without additional charge, or (ii) at all, then the insured party shall so notify the other party promptly after learning thereof. In case such waiver, agreement, or permission can be obtained at additional charge, if the party so notified shall so elect and shall pay the insurer's charge therefor, such waiver, agreement or permission shall be included in the policy. Each party hereby releases the other party, and Tenant hereby releases all other tenants in the Building, with respect to any claim (including a claim for negligence) which it might otherwise have against the other party (or, in the case of Tenant, against all such other tenants) for loss, damages with respect to its property occurring during the term of this Lease to the extent to which it is insured under a policy or policies containing a waiver of subrogation or permission to release liability, as provided in the preceding paragraph. If, notwithstanding the recovery of insurance proceeds by either party for loss, damage or destruction of its property, the other party is liable to the first party with respect thereto or is obligated under this Lease to make replacement, repair or restoration or payment, then, provided the first party's right of full recovery under its insurance policies is not thereby prejudiced or otherwise adversely affected, the amount of the net proceeds of the first party's insurance against such loss, damage or destruction shall be offset against the second party's liability to the first party therefor, or shall be made available to the second party to pay for replacement, repair of restoration, as the case may be. Nothing contained in this paragraph shall be deemed to relieve either party of any duty imposed elsewhere in this Lease to repair, restore or rebuild or to nullify any abatement of rents provided for elsewhere in this Lease. This Lease shall be considered an express agreement governing any case of damage to or destruction of the Building or any part thereof by fire or other casualty, and Section 227 of the Real Property Law of the State of New York providing for such a contingency in the absence of express agreement, and any other law of like import now or hereafter in force, shall have no application in such case.