$250 Uses in Reports Clause

Reports from Service Agreement

This Service Agreement (Agreement) is made as of March 1, 2005 by and between VENTIV PHARMA SERVICES, LLC, a New Jersey limited liability company (Ventiv) and CONNETICS CORPORATION, a Delaware corporation, having an office at 3160 Porter Drive, Palo Alto, California 94304 (Client). Ventiv and Client may each be referred to in this Agreement as a Party and collectively as the Parties.

Reports. Each month (or at Clients written request), Ventiv shall provide to Client all sales call activity reports that document the detailing and sampling by the Project Team (as set forth in Exhibit C attached hereto). The format of activity and performance reports will be mutually agreed upon. In addition, upon Clients written request, Ventiv shall provide Client with (i) standard reports, as long as Client provides Ventiv with all required information and data, and (ii) any customized or non-standard reports. Client shall pay Ventiv Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($250) per hour for preparing such customized or non-standard reports. For purposes of this Agreement, standard reports shall include the following: Call and Detail Report Sample Report Reach and Frequency Report Days in Field Report Performance Report by Product Expense Report (GELCO system) Others as agreed to by the Parties Client shall have the right to assign one or more employees of Client to accompany Ventiv Sales Representatives to monitor performance under this Agreement; provided Client or its employee(s) provide at least three days prior written notice and there is no interference with the performance of the Services performed by the Ventiv Sales Representative.