Yard definition

Yard means the land other than publicly owned land around or appurtenant to the whole or any part of a residential or non-residential property and used or capable of being used in connection with the property.
Yard means Xxxxx Werft GmbH, Papenburg/Germany, the shipbuilder constructing the Vessel pursuant to the Construction Contract.
Yard. Means an open, uncovered area appurtenant to a building or structure and unoccupied by any building or structure, except as specifically permitted in this By-law. In determining yard measurements, the minimum horizontal distance from the respective lot lines shall be used.

Examples of Yard in a sentence

  • Yard Waste, Mulching and Composting Management Yard waste may not be disposed in sanitary landfills, incinerators, or in unpermitted sites and it is illegal to burn.

  • Yard signs may be displayed by the client on the campus of the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center.

  • Staff report recommending award of a contract and approval of an agreement with Best Contracting Services, Inc., for the Service Center Yard Roofing Project, per Bid No. CB-21-01.

  • Proportion as follows: CONCRETE TABLEQuantities Per Cubic Yard (Meter)Steel Fiber Concrete Mix (Using No. 57 or No. 67 Size) Limit the transit mixer load size to 3/4 of its rated capacity or 6 cubic yards (4.6 m3), whichever is the smaller, unless the Engineer approves a larger size.

  • The EPA investigates and discovers that the sources of the pollution are leaks of hazardous waste from what is now the Home & Yard site.

More Definitions of Yard

Yard means the land, other than publicly owned land, around and appurtenant to the whole or any part of a building and used or intended to be used, or capable of being used in connection with the building.
Yard means an open space on the same site as a building and which is unoccupied and unobstructed from the ground upward except as otherwise provided herein.
Yard. - means a required open space unoccupied and unobstructed by any structure or portion of a structure above the general ground level of the graded parcel, unless otherwise permitted in this Bylaw;
Yard means a space appurtenant to a building, structure or use, located on the same lot as the building, structure or use, and which space is open, uncovered and unoccupied from the ground to the sky except for such uses as are specifically permitted elsewhere in this By-law.
Yard means an open area between the structure setback lines of a lot as established by the regulations of a particular zoning district. In measuring a yard for the purpose of determining the width of a side yard, the depth of a front yard or the depth of a rear yard, the minimum horizontal distance between the lot line and the main building shall be used.
Yard means a part of a parcel of land upon or over which no building is to be erected unless otherwise provided for in this Bylaw.