Waterway definition

Waterway means any lake, river, canal or other waters, being (in any case) waters suitable, or which can reasonably be rendered suitable, for sailing, boating, bathing or fishing;
Waterway means any body of water.
Waterway means any Waterway(s) owned or managed by us, and includes any navigable branches or arms, marinas, docks or basins and any land held or used by us in connection with the Waterway(s).

Examples of Waterway in a sentence

  • Areas South of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, as previously defined, are not included in this zone.

  • Include the cost for preventing nesting in the cost of Removing Old Structure Over Waterway with Minimal Debris.

  • No Nationwide Permits (NWP), except 20, 22, and 37, shall be used to authorize discharges, structures, and/or fill within the standard setback exemptions of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway as defined in the Standard Operating Procedure- Department of the Army Permit Evaluation Setbacks along the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.

  • The applicant shall notify the Galveston District Engineer in accordance with NWP General Condition 32 - Pre- Construction Notification for all discharge, structures and/or work in medium hazard zones and all NWP 3 applications within the standard setback and high hazard zones of the Sabine-Neches Waterway.

  • Commitments are defined as awarded contracts registered with the City Comptroller except for Waterway and Highway Bridge projects performed jointly with the State.

More Definitions of Waterway

Waterway means a navigable river, conduit or drain;
Waterway means the canal within the works limits and includes any pond or other waterway or course situated on Canal & River Trust property, any works, services, apparatus, equipment, lands (including subsoil) or premises belonging to or under the control of Canal & River Trust and held or used by it in connection with its statutory functions.
Waterway means navigable waters in the sea areas and navigable inland waters of Estonia; [RT I, 2009, 37, 251 – entry into force 10.07.2009]
Waterway means a channel that directs surface runoff to a watercourse or to the public storm drain.
Waterway means “a river, stream, creek, run, canal, channel, ditch, lake reservoir, or embayment.”
Waterway means any river, stream, canal or channel that contains water, including, without limitation, the banks and bed of any such river, stream, canal or channel.
Waterway means an artificial channel, lake, harbour or embayment, for navigational, ornamental and recreational purposes, or for any of those purposes; and includes any addition to or alteration of a waterway as so defined.