Sailboat definition

Sailboat means the same as that term is defined in Section 73-18-2.
Sailboat means any vessel having one or more sails and propelled by wind.
Sailboat means any watercraft operated with a sail.

Examples of Sailboat in a sentence

  • Sailboat owners and skippers may be requested to tie off halyards and lines.

  • The Sailboat soils occur along the American and Sacramento rivers.

  • Sailboat halyards and other lines shall be tied off to prevent slapping against masts or other structures.

  • No wake areas are designated by buoys or markers on the East end of Lake Monterey, Sailboat Cove, Channel to Sailboat Cove, Channel to Phase 3, Phase 3 section of Lake Monterey, Phase 6 section of Lake Monterey.

  • Sailboat rigging and halyards shall be secured while the vessel is docked or moored at the Marina or at the mooring in a manner that will insure against noise being produced during windy conditions.

More Definitions of Sailboat

Sailboat means any vessel, equipped with mast and sails, dependent upon the wind to propel it in the normal course of operation.
Sailboat means any vessel, other than a sail board, that is designed to be propelled by wind action upon a sail for navigation on the water.
Sailboat means any watercraft propelled by sail or
Sailboat means a sailboat as defined in Section 73-18-2. (u)
Sailboat means a vessel that uses a sail and wind as its primary source of propulsion. It does not include a canoe or kayak propelled by wind.
Sailboat means any boat whose sole source of propulsion is the wind;
Sailboat means any Vessel using the wind as the sole source of propulsion.