Gate definition

Gate means any structure or device located to limit or prohibit access or entry to any cave.
Gate means, Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering.
Gate means any part of a swimming pool fence which opens on hinges and includes a door located in the wall of an attached or detached garage or carport which forms part of the swimming pool fence.

Examples of Gate in a sentence

  • Golden Gate Avenue, 9th Floor San Francisco, CA 94102 MAILING ADDRESS: P.

  • Upon arrival at the Palais des Nations, delegates should obtain an identification badge at the UNOG Security and Safety Section, located at the Pregny Gate (14, Avenue de la Paix).

  • Returns under DEFCON 694 should be sent to DBS Finance ADMT – Assets In Industry 1, Level 4 Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WD  44 (0) 161 233 5397 2.

  • Tender Box marked as “TENDER BOX “at NSRY Main Gate, in front of Chief Security Office Reception.

  • Branch Address: HDFC Bank Limited, Duliajan Branch, Utopia Complex, BOC Gate, Jayanagar, Duliajan, Dibrugarh, PIN – 786602.

More Definitions of Gate

Gate means any structure or device situated so as to limit or prohibit access or entry to any cave.
Gate means a rigid, movable barrier which shall not be less than 4 feet in height; and shall be constructed of sturdy materials which would provide similar strength and design as that found in an agricultural pipe gate.
Gate means a swinging or sliding barrier used to fill or close an access and includes a door.
Gate means a device at a passageway or a moveable barrier, located in a section of a fence that can swing, slide, raise/lower, or otherwise provide access, ingress, and/or egress to the property or enclosed area.
Gate means those portions of the Terminal individually comprised of a passenger loading bridge, if any, and a passenger hold room.
Gate means the portion of the Airport Terminal comprised of the aircraft parking position, the passenger loading bridges and passenger hold room.
Gate means an airline passenger Aircraft loading and unloading building gate position at the Existing Terminal Facilities or the New Terminal Facilities, as applicable.