Curbside definition

Curbside. “Curb” means that portion of the right-of-way adjacent to paved or traveled roadways, including the end of a driveway, curb line or alley line. Containers will be placed as close to the roadway as practicable without interfering with or endangering the movement of vehicles or pedestrians.
Curbside means adjacent to the street pavement, alley pavement and gutter and within five feet thereof.
Curbside means located within five (5) feet of a public or private road for urban service.

Examples of Curbside in a sentence

  • Curbside segregation of debris and disaster-generated or -related wastes will be an element of the County's disaster recovery program.

  • Such public seating shall include at least one public bench or other seating arrangement for every 20 linear feet of Curbside Shared Space, or per subdivided section of a Curbside Shared Space.

  • Figure 12: Curbside Contamination Rates of the Southern Three Local Municipalities Based on Seasonal Blue Box Audits25.00%20.00%15.00%KingAurora10.00% 5.00% 0.00%East GwillimburyGeorgina NewmarketWhitchurch-StouffvilleContamination Rate (%)Figure 13: Curbside Contamination Rates of the Northern 6 Local Municipalities Based on Seasonal Blue Box Audits These types of trends might be helpful in other seasonal audit areas to track green bin contamination and recyclables or food waste in the residual stream.

  • Curbside pickups have continued to significantly decrease as we have returned to full pre-pandemic hours.

  • Curbside Blue Box Program North Bay’s curbside Blue Box program complies with Ontario Regulation 101/04, which mandates the type of Blue Box collection system implemented as well as the types of materials required to be collected.

More Definitions of Curbside

Curbside means at the lot line abutting a public alley if the property is served by such an alley and shall mean within three feet (3') of the edge of the paved portion of a public street (a public sidewalk shall be excluded from the calculation of said three feet (3').
Curbside means off the street pavement and gutter and within two feet thereof. In areas where no curb and gutter are present, it shall mean off the street pavement and within five feet thereof.
Curbside means an area adjacent to the street, curb, or roadside ditch, but in no case greater than ten (10) feet from the curb or roadside nor directly on the traveled portion of any municipal road or sidewalk.
Curbside means the area directly in front of a Premises and within its extended property lines of the untraveled portion of the municipal road allowance;
Curbside means the location for Collection, where Collection Containers or loose materials are placed on the street or alley against the face of the curb, or, where no curb exists, placed not more than five (5) feet from the outside edge of the street or alley.
Curbside means a location adjacent to a road or right-of-way that abuts a Customer’s property and provides access for the Contractor’s Collection vehicles. If there is no public access to the Customer’s property, Curbside means a location that is adjacent to a roadway where the Contractor may lawfully gain access and provide Collection Service to the Customer. In all cases, the Curbside location must be within three (3) feet of the curb or the edge of the road.
Curbside. Curbside shall mean within 3 feet of the curb that provides primary access to the Unit as designated by the City unless such placement interferes with or endangers movement of vehicles or pedestrians.