Curbside definition

Curbside. “Curb” means that portion of the right-of-way adjacent to paved or traveled roadways, including the end of a driveway, curb line or alley line. Containers will be placed as close to the roadway as practicable without interfering with or endangering the movement of vehicles or pedestrians.
Curbside means located within five (5) feet of a public or private road for urban service.
Curbside means adjacent to the street pavement, alley pavement and gutter and within five feet thereof.

Examples of Curbside in a sentence

  • Single Family Dwelling Recyclable Materials Collection service shall be provided at Curbside, or (for an additional charge not exceeding the maximum rate therefor set forth in Exhibit “D”) from an alternative location approved by Contractor.

  • Collection from Multi-Family Dwellings consisting of three (3) or more units shall be at Curbside, or from a location or locations on the Multi-Family Dwelling Premises specified by the Service Recipient subject to Contractor’s overriding specifications with regard to sanitation, Collection vehicle clearance, aesthetics, Contractor’s cost considerations, and similar criteria.

  • Such service shall be provided at Curbside at no charge to Residential Service Recipients up to four (4) times each year at the Residential Services Recipient’s request.

  • Containers for Recyclable Material are to be placed on Curbside for pick-up by 6 a.m. on the scheduled day of collection.

  • Contractor shall offer Single Family Dwelling Residential Service Recipients for which all members of the Service Recipient’s household are Disabled, the option of placing their Containers at a location other than Curbside, but visible from Curbside, as a Disability accommodation.

More Definitions of Curbside

Curbside means at the lot line abutting a public alley if the property is served by such an alley and shall mean within three feet (3') of the edge of the paved portion of a public street (a public sidewalk shall be excluded from the calculation of said three feet (3').
Curbside means an area adjacent to the street, curb, or roadside ditch, but in no case greater than ten (10) feet from the curb or roadside nor directly on the traveled portion of any municipal road or sidewalk.
Curbside means located within three (3) feet of the edge of a curb. Where there is no curb, Curbside means within 3 feet of the traveled roadway including areas commonly used for on street parking. This does not allow the Solid Waste, Recycling or Composting container to be placed on the house side of a fence or enclosure even if the container is within three feet of the public street/alley. For Residences on a flag lot, or other private driveway or any private street not meeting the standards, “Curbside” shall be the point where the driveway or private street intersects the public street.
Curbside means off the street pavement and gutter and within five feet thereof. In areas where no curb and gutter are present, it shall mean off the street pavement and within five feet thereof.
Curbside means the area directly in front of a Premises and within its extended property lines of the untraveled portion of the municipal road allowance;
Curbside. Curbside shall mean within 3 feet of the curb that provides primary access to the Unit as designated by the City unless such placement interferes with or endangers movement of vehicles or pedestrians.
Curbside means the inner curb immediately adjacent to the east face of the Air Carrier Terminal.