Waste Services definition

Waste Services means the provision of collection, transport, disposal and treatment of Waste together with any other utility services that may be provided from time to time.
Waste Services means the handling, packaging, transportation, storage, processing, treatment, reclamation, recycling, recovery, incineration and/or disposal of Waste Material by TMDP or its affiliates or subcontractor(s).
Waste Services means the provision of facilities for waste recycling and waste disposal, and other incidental services in connection with such facilities to be provided by Xxxxx.

Examples of Waste Services in a sentence

  • Funding is available in the Solid Waste Services Department Fund.

  • Solid Waste Services shall be provided by a Private Contractor licensed by the City.

  • The Council will provide the Liquid Trade Waste Services to the Applicant on the terms of this Agreement.

  • Standard bin bay signage is available at cost through Council’s Waste Services.

  • The proposed enclosure shall be designed per the Development Guidelines for Solid Waste Services and enclosure drains must discharge to sanitary sewer line.

More Definitions of Waste Services

Waste Services means the collection, handling, transportation, treatment, disposal, processing or trade of any waste or the undertaking of any activity connected thereto; and
Waste Services means any collection, pick-up, hauling, transportation, dumping, recycling, sale or disposal of garbage, trash, rubbish, scrap, by-products or other waste materials.
Waste Services means an establishment that: (a) collects or hauls nonhazardous solid waste or recyclable materials generated within a local area; (b) operates as a nonhazardous solid waste transfer station; (c) identifies, sorts, treats, packages, or labels wastes for the purposes of transport; (d) pumps septic tanks and cesspools; (e) rents or services portable toilets; (f) provides other septic waste management services;(g) collects, separates and/or recovers recyclable materials; (h) prepares waste or recyclable materials for efficient shipment by means such as baling, compacting, flattening, grinding, crushing, mechanical sorting or cleaning; or (i) transforms organic waste into a stable, soil-like product in a controlled environment under aerobic conditions. It may include retail sales of recovered materials as an accessory use. This definition specifically excludes state-licensed landfills, junkyards, municipal wastewater treatment facilities and related essential services, and composting activities that are limited to organic waste produced on the premises.
Waste Services means VECTRA Waste Services, L.L.C., a Delaware limited liability company.
Waste Services. Three areas involve reversing so waste collection points should be on the main loop road. Statutory Consultees
Waste Services means any collection , pick-up , hauling , dumping , recycling , sal e o r disposa l o f garbage , trash , rubbish , scrap , by-product s o r othe r wast e materi a
Waste Services means the collection, transportation and/or disposal of waste, waste materials and/or any industrial activity on site at a disposal site on behalf of Customer as specified on the Order in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in Part B of these Conditions.