Warehouse Services definition

Warehouse Services means Warehouse Based Non-Store Retail as defined in BMC Section 23F.04.10.

Examples of Warehouse Services in a sentence

  • Reportable operating segment revenues are Ground Handling Services, Security Services, Terminal Construction and Management and Cargo and Warehouse Services.

  • In addition, USBFS will not use, or permit the use of, names of Users for the purpose of soliciting any business, product, or service whatsoever except where the communication is necessary and appropriate for USBFS’s delivery of MARSTM and Data Warehouse Services.

  • USBFS shall allow access to Data Warehouse Services by authorized Users on behalf of the Trust in accordance with the terms of this Exhibit D.

  • USBFS’s security provisions with respect to MARSTM and Data Warehouse Services and the Trust Files will be no less protected than USBFS’s security provisions with respect to its own proprietary information.

  • They are assessing the Group’s performance on an operating segment basis; Ground Handling Services, Security Services, Cargo and Warehouse Services, Terminal Construction and Management.

More Definitions of Warehouse Services

Warehouse Services means the services provided by Warehouse as set out in Schedule 1C.
Warehouse Services means storage, handling, transloading or warehousing services provided by XDS or other Company.
Warehouse Services shall be collectively referred to herein as "Other Services.")
Warehouse Services has the meaning set out in Section 1.1 of this Schedule.
Warehouse Services means the storage of goods, wares, or commodities for hire or
Warehouse Services are the warehousing, storage, handling and other services in which Artico has agreed to provide to Client. “Unaccepted Goods” shall mean the specific categories of goods set forth on Artico’s website that Artico will not accept for storage for the specified warehouse locations.