In Custody Sample Clauses

In Custody.  All employment outcomes must be on release i.e. as a destination following time on the Project. Employment on ROTL is work experience (soft outcome)  Training outcomes can be on release (destination), or gained whilst on the Project – both will count as a hard outcome.  Education outcomes – qualifications gained whilst on the Project (i.e. in custody) are soft outcomes. Further/higher education on release (destination) is a hard outcome. In the Community:  Employment outcomes can be secured whilst on the Project and the participant can be supported during the initial weeks of employment where this is appropriate. The participant should be completed from the project within a reasonable period of commencing employment (up to 8 weeks is recommended).  Training outcomes can be generated both while on the Project and as a destination.  Further/higher education gained while on the project or commencing post completion will be a hard outcome (destination). ESF outcome definitions: Employment outcome - an offer of full, part-time or voluntary employment, whether temporary or permanent, to be commenced following successful interview. Education outcome - further or higher education, via appropriate educational institution, which will lead to a qualification on completion of the course. Training – a course undertaken to improve employability, either as part of the project or on completion. Training should be provided by a recognised external body. Table 1 : ESF Outcomes ESF outcomes Evidence required In work on leaving: Full-time Employment e.g. Letter on headed paper from employer stating participant’s name, job offer and start date, (official email communication may also suffice), wage slips Part-time Employment (up to 30hrs per week as per ESF definition) e.g. Letter on headed paper from employer stating participant’s name, job offer and start date, (official email communication may also suffice) Self Employment e.g. Letter from bank of small loan, copy of Business Plan, details of DAF used to procure equipment, proof of trading, (official email communication may also suffice) etc Voluntary Employment e.g. Letter from organisation or an individual confirming arrangements for voluntary employment, (official email communication may also suffice)
In Custody. Section 4 does not cover loss of or damage caused whilst the Vehicle is being held in the custody or control of any Police Authority or any other person acting in accordance with direct instructions of any Police Authority.

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  • Custody Nothing in this Agreement shall permit the Adviser to take or receive physical possession of cash, securities or other investments of a Fund.

  • PHYSICAL CUSTODY The Couple chooses to enter into the following custody schedule: (check one) ☐ - SOLE CUSTODY is given to ☐ Husband ☐ Wife. ☐ - JOINT CUSTODY

  • Non-Custody Assets As an accommodation to the Fund, the Custodian provides consolidated recordkeeping services pursuant to which the Custodian reflects on statements certain securities and other assets not held by, or under the control of, the Custodian. Non-Custody Assets shall be designated on Custodian’s books as “shares not held” or by other similar characterization. The Fund acknowledges and agrees that it shall have no security entitlement against the Custodian with respect to Non-Custody Assets, that the Custodian shall rely, without independent verification, on information provided by the Fund, its designee or the entity having custody regarding Non-Custody Assets (including but not limited to positions and market valuations), and that the Custodian shall have no responsibility whatsoever with respect to the existence of the Non-Custody Assets, provided however that the Custodian will record and report such Non-Custody Assets in accordance with its standard of care.

  • BNY AS A FOREIGN CUSTODY MANAGER 1. The Fund on behalf of its Board hereby delegates to BNY with respect to each Specified Country the Responsibilities.

  • Money Held in Custody Money held by the Agent in custody hereunder need not be segregated from the other funds except to the extent required by law or provided herein. The Agent shall be under no obligation to invest or pay interest on any money received by it hereunder except as otherwise agreed in writing with the Company.

  • Safekeeping The Servicer (or its Affiliates, but only in accordance with the second following sentence) shall hold the Receivable Files for the benefit of the Issuing Entity and the Indenture Trustee and maintain such accurate and complete accounts, records and computer systems pertaining to each Receivable File as shall enable the Issuing Entity to comply with this Agreement. In performing its duties as custodian, the Servicer shall act with reasonable care, using that degree of skill and attention that the Servicer exercises with respect to the receivable files relating to all comparable equipment receivables that the Servicer services for its Affiliates or others. The Servicer, in its capacity as custodian, may at any time delegate its duties as custodian to any Affiliate of the Servicer; provided, that no such delegation shall relieve the Servicer of its responsibility with respect to such duties and the Servicer shall remain obligated and liable to the Issuing Entity, the Depositor and the Indenture Trustee for its duties hereunder as if the Servicer alone were performing such duties. The Servicer shall conduct, or cause to be conducted, periodic audits of the Receivable Files and the related accounts, records and computer systems, in such a manner as shall enable the Issuing Entity or the Indenture Trustee to verify the accuracy of the Servicer’s record keeping. The Servicer shall promptly report to the Issuing Entity and the Indenture Trustee any material failure on its part, or its Affiliate’s part, to hold the Receivable Files and maintain its accounts, records and computer systems as herein provided and promptly take appropriate action to remedy any such failure. Nothing herein shall be deemed to require an initial review or any periodic review by the Issuing Entity, the Trustee or the Indenture Trustee of the Receivable Files.

  • Foreign Custody Manager (a) Each Fund, by resolution adopted by its Board, hereby delegates to the Custodian, subject to Section (b) of Rule 17f-5 under the 1940 Act, the responsibilities set forth in Sections 4.1 through 4.4 with respect to Foreign Assets of the Portfolios held outside the United States, and the Custodian hereby accepts such delegation as Foreign Custody Manager with respect to the Portfolios.

  • The Custodian as Foreign Custody Manager Each Fund, by resolution adopted by its Board of Trustees, hereby delegates to the Custodian, subject to Rule 17f-5(b), the responsibilities set forth in this Section 2.3 with respect to Foreign Securities of the Funds held outside the United States, and the Custodian hereby accepts such delegation as Foreign Custody Manager with respect to the Funds. The services and duties of the Custodian shall be confined to those matters expressly set forth herein, and no implied duties are assumed by or may be asserted against the Custodian hereunder.

  • Custodian The term “

  • Responsibility of Custodian So long as and to the extent that it is in the exercise of reasonable care, the Custodian shall not be responsible for the title, validity or genuineness of any property or evidence of title thereto received by it or delivered by it pursuant to this Agreement and shall be held harmless in acting upon any notice, request, consent, certificate or other instrument reasonably believed by it to be genuine and to be signed by the proper party or parties, including any futures commission merchant acting pursuant to the terms of a three-party futures or options agreement. The Custodian shall be held to the exercise of reasonable care in carrying out the provisions of this Agreement, but shall be kept indemnified by and shall be without liability to any Fund for any action taken or omitted by it in good faith without negligence, including, without limitation, acting in accordance with any Proper Instruction. It shall be entitled to rely on and may act upon advice of counsel (who may be counsel for a Fund) on all matters, and shall be without liability for any action reasonably taken or omitted pursuant to such advice. The Custodian shall be without liability to any Fund or Portfolio for any loss, liability, claim or expense resulting from or caused by anything which is part of Country Risk (as defined in Section 3 hereof), including without limitation nationalization, expropriation, currency restrictions, or acts of war, revolution, riots or terrorism. Except as may arise from the Custodian’s own negligence or willful misconduct or the negligence or willful misconduct of a sub-custodian or agent, the Custodian shall be without liability to any Fund for any loss, liability, claim or expense resulting from or caused by; (i) events or circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Custodian or any sub-custodian or Securities System or any agent or nominee of any of the foregoing, including, without limitation, the interruption, suspension or restriction of trading on or the closure of any securities market, power or other mechanical or technological failures or interruptions, computer viruses or communications disruptions, work stoppages, natural disasters, or other similar events or acts; (ii) errors by the Fund or its duly-authorized investment manager or investment advisor in their instructions to the Custodian provided such instructions have been in accordance with this Agreement; (iii) the insolvency of or acts or omissions by a securities system (including both U.S. Securities Systems and Foreign Securities Systems); (iv) any delay or failure of any broker, agent or intermediary, central bank or other commercially prevalent payment or clearing system to deliver to the Custodian’s sub-custodian or agent securities purchased or in the remittance or payment made in connection with securities sold; (v) any delay or failure of any company, corporation, or other body in charge of registering or transferring securities in the name of the Custodian, the Fund, the Custodian’s sub-custodians, nominees or agents or any consequential losses arising out of such delay or failure to transfer such securities including non-receipt of bonus, dividends and rights and other accretions or benefits; (vi) delays or inability to perform its duties due to any disorder in market infrastructure with respect to any particular security or Securities System; and (vii) any provision of any present or future law or regulation or order of the United States of America, or any state thereof, or any other country, or political subdivision thereof or of any court of competent jurisdiction. The Custodian shall be liable for the acts or omissions of a Foreign Sub-Custodian (as defined in Section 4 hereof) to the same extent as set forth with respect to sub-custodians generally in this Agreement. If a Fund on behalf of a Portfolio requires the Custodian to take any action with respect to securities, which action involves the payment of money or which action may, in the opinion of the Custodian, result in the Custodian or its nominee assigned to the Fund or the Portfolio being liable for the payment of money or incurring liability of some other form, such Fund on behalf of the Portfolio, as a prerequisite to requiring the Custodian to take such action, shall provide indemnity to the Custodian in an amount and form satisfactory to it. If a Fund requires the Custodian, its affiliates, subsidiaries or agents, to advance cash or securities for any purpose (including but not limited to securities settlements, foreign exchange contracts and assumed settlement) or in the event that the Custodian or its nominee shall incur or be assessed any taxes, charges, expenses, assessments, claims or liabilities in connection with the performance of this Agreement, except such as may arise from its or its nominee’s own negligent action, negligent failure to act or willful misconduct, any property at any time held for the account of the applicable Portfolio shall be security therefor and should the Fund fail to repay the Custodian promptly, the Custodian shall be entitled to utilize available cash and to dispose of such Portfolio’s assets to the extent necessary to obtain reimbursement. In no event shall the Custodian be liable for indirect, special or consequential damages.