Definition of Tenant's Trade Fixtures

Tenant's Trade Fixtures means (i) the items of unaffixed tangible personal property of Tenant and (ii) trade fixtures of Tenant that are located on the Premises on the Commencement Date and specifically listed on Exhibit B-2 hereto, together with items of tangible personal property and trade fixtures owned by Tenant brought on to the Premises following the Commencement Date and which are easily movable and not affixed to the Premises, but specifically excluding the Equipment.

Examples of Tenant's Trade Fixtures in a sentence

Tenant shall have the right, to the extent that same shall not diminish Landlord's award, to make a separate claim against the condemning authority (but not Landlord) for such compensation as may be separately awarded or recoverable by Tenant for moving expenses and damage to Tenant's Trade Fixtures, if a separate award for such items is made to Tenant.
Tenant shall at all times maintain in effect with respect to any Alterations and Tenant's Trade Fixtures and personal property, commercial property insurance providing coverage, on an "all risk" or "special form" basis, in an amount equal to at least 90% of the full replacement cost of the covered property.
Tenant shall not do anything in or about the Premises which will (i) cause structural injury to the Building, or (ii) cause damage to any part of the Building except to the extent reasonably necessary for the installation of Tenant's Trade Fixtures and Tenant's Alterations, and then only in a manner which has been first approved by Landlord in writing.
During the Term of this Lease, Tenant may install Tenant's Trade Fixtures which may be removed without material injury to the Premises on the Premises without the prior consent of Landlord.
Tenant shall pay before delinquency any and all taxes and assessments, license fees and public charges levied, assessed or imposed upon or against Tenant's Trade Fixtures, equipment, furnishings, furniture, appliances and personal property installed or located on or within the Premises.