Telephone Banking definition

Telephone Banking means banking services available from time to time by telephone;
Telephone Banking means Macquarie’s telephone banking services.
Telephone Banking means our interactive voice response telephone banking service (if this service is offered by us);

Examples of Telephone Banking in a sentence

  • Before using any Telephone Banking Service, please read the terms and conditions set out below, which govern your use of such service.

  • By using your TBS Access Code to operate the Telephone Banking Service, you are accepting the terms and conditions set out below and will be bound by them.

  • In order to access Telephone Banking, you must request access from BECU, which may be accepted or rejected at BECU’s discretion.

  • If you fail to identify the specific Account that you no longer want to access by Telephone Banking, BECU may terminate Telephone Banking access to all your BECU Accounts.

  • To terminate access to Telephone Banking, contact BECU in person, by telephone, or by letter and identify the Account that you no longer want to access by Telephone Banking.

More Definitions of Telephone Banking

Telephone Banking means banking services we provide by use of a telephone and a TAC.
Telephone Banking means the services set out in Section – Channel of Payments under Telephone Banking
Telephone Banking means our telephone banking service;
Telephone Banking means the Service we provide under this Agreement whereby you may use your touchtone telephone to execute certain transactions and inquiries as described in this Agreement. Telephone Banking is a separate and distinct Service from the Mobile Banking Service.
Telephone Banking means a facility provided by the firm, other than mobile banking, which enables a banking customer to use voice telephony to ascertain the balance on an account and initiate a payment transaction on the account;
Telephone Banking means a service provided by us which allows you to perform certain Transactions related to your Account over the telephone.
Telephone Banking means the services provided by us enabling you to request and receive information concerning Accounts and issue Instructions by telephone.