Definition of Technical Consultant

Technical Consultant means an entity with engineering and technical expertise in the area of municipal drinking water systems which shall be designated by the Bank, and may include DHHS.

Examples of Technical Consultant in a sentence

The Technical Consultant and the Bank or their representatives are not responsible for increased costs resulting from defects in the plans, design drawings and specifications or other Project documents.
The Employees job title, as of the Status Change Date, will be Technical Consultant.
Neither the Bank nor the Technical Consultant makes any warranty, either express or implied, as to the Project or its condition or that it will be suitable for the Company's purposes or needs, or that the proceeds of the Loan will be sufficient to pay the costs of the Project.
The Company shall permit representatives of the Technical Consultant and the Bank to have access to the Project at all reasonable times, and all contracts for construction or operation of all or a portion of the Project shall contain provisions that permit such access and shall permit extracts and copies of Project records to be made by the foregoing persons.
Within 10 (ten) Working Days from the Principal having received said communication, the Parties, together with the Works Manager and the Site Manager, as well as the Technical Consultant appointed by the Principal and/or the Financing Entity, shall start the Technical Inspection, in accordance with the procedure provided for in Annex 10, in order to verify that the Works have been carried out in accordance with the Technical Specifications, the Applicable Laws and in a world class manufacturing way.