Syndication definition

Syndication means an extension of credit in which two or more persons fund and each person is at risk only up to a specified percentage of the total extension of credit or up to a specified dollar amount.
Syndication shall have the meaning set forth in Section 9.5 hereof.
Syndication shall have the meaning set forth in Section 11.8(a)(i) hereof.

Examples of Syndication in a sentence

  • First Run Syndication series are originally produced for and aired on local television stations throughout the U.S.

  • The main characteristic of Syndication approach, is that a bank consortium, that acts as intermediary, is responsible to drum up demand from investors and at the end, when the bond reaches maturity, the banks must buy what is left.

  • At this point the organisation can use several methods and means to announce the publication of reports and to raise interest in them (email alerts, press notes, portal ads, and Really Simple Syndication (RSS) channels.

  • Agents shall mean collectively the Administrative Agent and the Syndication Agent, and Agent shall mean any one of the Agents, individually.

  • SUBSCRIPTION AND SALE‌ The Managers have, pursuant to a syndication agreement dated 4 October 2022 (the "Syndication Agreement") jointly and severally agreed with the Issuer, subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions, to subscribe and pay for the Bonds at their Issue Price of 98.216 per cent of their principal amount plus accrued interest, if any, of the aggregate principal amount of the Bonds.

More Definitions of Syndication

Syndication means the primary syndication of the Facility.
Syndication shall have the meaning set forth in Section 13.1 hereof.
Syndication means the syndication of the Facilities.
Syndication shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 14.26.
Syndication means the sale of partnership or other equity interests (“Syndicated Interests”) in Subsidiaries of the Company or other Persons controlled by the Company that own or operate health care facilities to (i) participating physicians, radiologists and other specialists, (ii) professional corporations and other legal entities owned or controlled by such participating physicians, radiologists and other specialists and (iii) participating hospitals and other health care providers. For purposes of this definition, “controlled” shall have the meaning set forth in the definition of “Affiliate.”
Syndication means general syndication of the Facilities.
Syndication means any syndication, sale, assignment, transfer, pledge, participation, hypothecation or other disposition by a Holder of all or a portion of a Note.