Lead Arranger definition

Lead Arranger as defined in the preamble hereto.
Lead Arranger means Banc of America Securities LLC.
Lead Arranger as defined in the recitals to this Agreement.

Examples of Lead Arranger in a sentence

  • The parties to each assignment shall execute and deliver to the Administrative Agent an Assignment and Assumption, together with a processing and recordation fee of $3,500; provided that (A) the Administrative Agent may, in its sole discretion, elect to waive such processing and recordation fee in the case of any assignment and (B) no processing and recordation fee shall be payable in connection with an assignments by or to a Lead Arranger or its Affiliates.

  • The Administrative Agent and the Sole Lead Arranger shall have received all Fees and other amounts due and payable on or prior to the Closing Date, including, to the extent invoiced at least two Business Days prior to the Closing Date, reimbursement or payment of all out-of-pocket expenses required to be reimbursed or paid by the Borrower hereunder, under any other Loan Document or under the Commitment Letter shall have been paid.

  • Such consent shall remain effective until revoked by such Loan Party in writing to the Administrative Agent and such Lead Arranger, as applicable.

  • Each party hereto (and by its acceptance of its appointment in such capacity, each Lead Arranger and Agent) hereby waives, releases and agrees (each for itself and on behalf of its Subsidiaries) not to sue upon any such claim for any special, indirect, consequential or punitive damages, whether or not accrued and whether or not known or suspected to exist in its favor.

More Definitions of Lead Arranger

Lead Arranger has the meaning set forth in the preamble to the Agreement.
Lead Arranger has the meaning specified in the recital of parties to this Agreement.
Lead Arranger means Xxxxx Fargo Securities, LLC.
Lead Arranger means Xxxxxxx Lynch, Pierce, Xxxxxx & Xxxxx, Incorporated.
Lead Arranger or "Book Manager" shall have any right, power, obligation, liability, responsibility or duty under this Credit Agreement other than, in the case of the Syndication Agent, those applicable to all Lenders as such. Without limiting the foregoing, none of the Lenders or other Persons so identified shall have or be deemed to have any fiduciary relationship with any Lender. Each Lender acknowledges that it has not relied, and will not rely, on any of the Lenders or other Persons so identified in deciding to enter into this Credit Agreement or in taking or not taking action hereunder.
Lead Arranger means Xxxxx Fargo Bank, National Association.
Lead Arranger means Citibank, N.A.