Extension of Credit Sample Clauses

Extension of Credit. For the purposes hereof, each drawdown, rollover and conversion shall be deemed to be an extension of credit to the Borrower hereunder.
Extension of Credit. Subject to the terms and conditions of, and in reliance upon the representations and warranties made in, this Agreement and the other Loan Documents, the Lenders agree, severally in accordance with their respective Revolving Commitment Ratios, and not jointly, to extend credit to the Borrowers in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed the Revolving Loan Commitment.
Extension of Credit. If your application is approved, we may, at our discretion, establish an Account in your name and cause one or more Cards to be issued to you or those designated by you. In such event, you authorize us to pay for your Account, all items reflecting credit purchases, balance transfers, convenience checks, and cash advances obtained through use of the Card. Being a member of GECU is necessary to obtain and maintain use of the Card.
Extension of Credit. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, DFS may extend credit to Dealer from time to time to purchase inventory from DFS approved vendors ("Vendors") and for other purposes. If DFS advances funds to Dealer following Dealer's execution of this Agreement, DFS will be deemed to have entered into this Agreement with Dealer, whether or not executed by DFS. DFS' decision to advance funds will not be binding until the funds are actually advanced. DFS may combine all of DFS' advances to Dealer or on Dealer's behalf, whether under this Agreement or any other agreement, and whether provided by one or more of DFS' branch offices, together with all finance charges, fees and expenses related thereto, to make one debt owed by Dealer. DFS may, at any time and without notice to Dealer, elect not to finance any inventory sold by particular Vendors who are in default of their obligations to DFS, or with respect to which DFS reasonably feels insecure. This is an agreement regarding the extension of credit, and not the provision of goods or services.
Extension of Credit. The obligation of CNB to make any Loan or other extension of credit hereunder is subject to CNB's receipt of each of the following, in form and substance satisfactory to CNB, and duly executed as required by CNB:
Extension of Credit. Company acknowledges that approval of an Application creates a creditor-borrower relationship between Bank and Borrower which involves, among other things, the disbursement of Loan Proceeds. Nothing in this Agreement shall obligate Bank to extend credit to an Applicant or disburse Loan Proceeds if Bank determines that doing so would be an unsafe or unsound banking practice or that such extension of credit would be in violation of the Credit Policy. Bank shall use reasonable commercial efforts to provide Company prior notice of a decision not to extend credit to an Applicant or disburse Loan Proceeds in reliance on the preceding sentence and, in all instances where Bank does not provide such prior notice, Bank shall provide Company prompt notice after making a decision not to extend credit to an Applicant or disburse Loan Proceeds in reliance on the preceding sentence.
Extension of Credit. The obligation of each Bank to make a Loan on the occasion of each Borrowing and the obligation of the Revolving Fronting Banks to issue a Revolving Letter of Credit on the occasion of each request therefor by the Borrower shall in each case be subject to the satisfaction of the following conditions:
Extension of Credit. Make loans, advances or extensions of credit to any Person, except for sales on open account and otherwise in the ordinary course of business.
Extension of Credit. Responsibility for compliance with the provisions of Regulation T issued by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System pursuant to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 ("Regulation T") and all other applicable rules, regulations and requirements of any exchange or regulatory agency affecting the extension of credit shall be allocated between Southwest and Correspondent as set forth in this Section 3.
Extension of Credit. Payment terms are an extension of credit based upon an evaluation of Customer’s financial condition upon commencement of this Agreement as reflected in written information from Customer. Customer and each Account will abide by ABDC’s standard credit terms as amended from time to time by ABDC. Customer will promptly notify ABDC in writing of any Claim that, with an unfavorable result, would have a material adverse effect on Customer’s financial condition or operation. Upon request, Customer will furnish ABDC complete annual and quarterly financial statements and other evidence of its financial condition necessary to establish, in ABDC’s opinion, Customer and each Account’s ability to perform its obligations. If ABDC reasonably believes Customer or any Account’s ability to make payments may be materially impaired, ABDC may from time to time amend Customer’s payment terms, require past due amounts to be paid and/or require posting of adequate security or such other documents as ABDC may require. Pending receipt of requested items, ABDC may withhold delivery of Products and providing Services; place Customer on a C.O.D. basis if ABDC has not received payment when due after giving notice by 10:00 a.m. and giving Customer until 2:00 p.m. the same day for ABDC to receive payment; and/or require Customer to pay part or all of any past due amount as a condition to continued service.