Student Representative definition

Student Representative means a full-time student chosen by the ASSVC..
Student Representative means any of the seven Students confirmed by the Student body to represent Respondents alleged to have violated the Code and to present arguments and evidence on the Respondent’s behalf to a Hearing Panel.
Student Representative means a student chosen by the ASSVC Student Senate who has completed a minimum of 45 credits.

Examples of Student Representative in a sentence

  • The Student Representative is a student who represents the views of their fellow students.

  • The Student Representative is required to liaise between students and academic council members so that issues can be raised and feedback provided.

  • The Complaint shall be forwarded to the Executive Director if the Respondent is a Staff other than the Executive Director, and to the President if the Respondent is a Student Representative or a Service Volunteer.

  • Alon Glickstein, Robert von Schneidau and OPHS Student Representative Frankie Alchanati were absent.

  • No disciplinary actions or retaliatory measures shall be taken against the Complainant, or any other Staff, Service Volunteer, or Student Representative who provides information to aid the investigation of the Complaint.

More Definitions of Student Representative

Student Representative means a Student Representative as listed in clause 27 of the DUSA Constitution;
Student Representative means a person registered to study at the Institute and elected by the SRC to represent them on the Council;
Student Representative means a Student representative of the Board of Governors, the Senate, the first year Students, or a special constituency described in Section 6.2(b), each elected in accordance with the By-laws;
Student Representative means a full-time student chosen by the ASSVC Student Senate.
Student Representative means a student who is a nominated course representative and/or elected officers of the Students’ Union.
Student Representative means all persons appointed or elected to the Board of Directors, Senior Leadership Team, Committee Chairs, and all other formal Representative appointments for the purposes of conducting GSA affairs.
Student Representative means a student at the University of Gothenburg who is appointed by a students’ union to represent students. A student representative must also represent students who are not members of a students’ union.6