Hearing Committee definition

Hearing Committee means the committee appointed pursuant to this Plan to hear a request for an evidentiary hearing that has been properly filed and pursued by a practitioner.
Hearing Committee means a hearing committee of a District appointed in accordance with Rule 7.1;
Hearing Committee means a committee of Council members to which the Council has delegated authority to adjudicate a complaint of a violation under §2823 of this title or allegations of unlicensed practice under §2825 of this title.

Examples of Hearing Committee in a sentence

  • Counsel may not address the Hearing Committee or participate in any of the questioning.

  • The right to present evidence; however, the Hearing Committee will determine what evidence is admissible.

  • Three (3) members of the Hearing Committee shall be required to constitute a quorum and must include an individual who meets the qualifications of Public Director.

  • No person shall serve as a member of the Hearing Committee when the person or entity with which the person is affiliated has a financial, personal or prejudicial interest or concern in the matter under consideration or action.

  • One (1) member of the Hearing Committee shall consist of the Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

More Definitions of Hearing Committee

Hearing Committee or "Hearing Body" means the Committee appointed under this Plan to conduct an evidentiary hearing properly filed and pursued by an affected practitioner.
Hearing Committee means the group of three persons designated to hear complaints that have not been satisfactorily resolved at a lower level.
Hearing Committee means a committee appointed by the corrections mental health program under section 1003c.
Hearing Committee means the committee appointed under this Plan to preside over a hearing properly requested and pursued by an Affected Practitioner.
Hearing Committee means the committee appointed by the Hospital President in consultation with the President of the Medical Staff to review and make judgment regarding any Adverse Recommendation that has been proposed vs. any Practitioner with regard to their application to the Medical Staff and/or their Clinical Privileges.
Hearing Committee means a three- person panel, one of whom may be a layperson, appointed by the Board Chairperson to preside over a Formal Disciplinary Proceeding.
Hearing Committee means a standing committee of a Market Regulator comprised of persons selected in accordance with the Policy made under Rule 10.8