Space Lease definition

Space Lease. The space or occupancy lease pursuant to which any Borrower holds a leasehold interest in the related Mortgaged Property, together with any estoppels or other agreements executed and delivered by the lessor in favor of the lender under the related Mortgage Loan(s).
Space Lease means any and all leases, subleases, licenses, concession agreements or any other form of agreement, however denominated (written or verbal, now or hereafter in effect), in which the Mortgagor (or any predecessor in interest as owner of the Mortgaged Premises in the case of existing Space Leases) now or hereafter grants a possessory interest in and to, or the right to use and occupy the Mortgaged Premises, or any portion thereof, and all renewals, extensions, modifications, amendments and other agreements affecting the same.

Examples of Space Lease in a sentence

  • As provided in the “Amount and Type of Space, Lease Term, and Occupancy Date” paragraph in the RLP, advise whether there are existing vending facilities in the offered Building which have exclusive rights in the Building.

  • The Floor Space Lease includes required aisle space on each side of the cage enclosure, as applicable.

  • Delegation of authority for execution of the standard form Terminal Space Lease Agreement was approved by the Board pursuant to R2018-0995.

  • The Floor Space Lease includes required aisle space on each side of the CLEC-provided equipment bay.

  • The Floor Space Lease includes required aisle space on each side of CLEC-provided equipment bay.

More Definitions of Space Lease

Space Lease means any lease or other agreement demising space in or providing for the use or occupancy of all or any portion of the Real Property and all guaranties thereof.
Space Lease shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.1(n).
Space Lease means a lease between Tenant, as lessor, and a physician, physician group or other user permitted under ARTICLE 7 and ARTICLE 5, as lessee, and “Space Tenant” means a lessee under a Space Lease. In the event of termination of this Lease pursuant to the terms hereof, and provided a new lease is not executed pursuant to the terms of ARTICLE 6, Landlord, to the extent the MOB is still constructed and without damage, shall honor all Space Leases authorized and permitted by Landlord pursuant to the terms of this Section 7.3 as if they were direct leases between Landlord and such Space Tenants, as long as the Space Tenant is not in default of any provision of the Space Lease beyond the applicable grace period and so long as the termination of this Lease (i) is not in connection with any condemnation, taking or casualty, (ii) such Space Tenant attorns to Landlord pursuant to an agreement of attornment satisfactory to Landlord, and (iii) such Space Lease complies with all Legal Requirements and the provisions of this Lease; provided, however Landlord shall not be (i) liable for any breach of any obligations owed by Tenant, as lessor to such Space Tenants under such Space Leases, nor shall Landlord be liable to such Space Tenants for the return to Space Tenants of (A) any sums on deposit with Tenant, including, without limitation, security deposits, (B) allowances or inducements made available to Space Tenants, including, without limitation, leasehold improvement allowances, unless such sums on deposit or the cash value of such allowances or inducements are actually transferred by Tenant to Landlord, (ii) subject to any offsets, claims or defenses which the Space Tenant may have against any prior Tenant, (iii) bound by any payment of Rent which any Space Tenant might have made for more than one (1) month in advance. If a Space Tenant entitled to such recognition shall so request, Landlord shall execute and deliver an agreement, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Landlord, confirming that, subject to the provisions of this Section 7.3(c), such Space Tenant is entitled to such recognition and recognizes and attorns to Landlord as the landlord under its Space Lease.
Space Lease means any space lease, lease, license or concession agreement which provides for the use or occupancy of space or facilities at any Hotel to which a Selling Subsidiary is a party (or to the Knowledge of Parent, entered into by a Manager on behalf of a Selling Subsidiary or a Hotel), including any leases or licenses for antennae and related equipment and including the Contracts set forth in Section 1.1(f) of the Disclosure Schedule; but excluding any booking or reservation agreement.
Space Lease means any lease, sublease, sub-sublease, franchise, license or other agreement, other than this Lease, the VICI Sublease or the Casino Management Agreement, that would permit or allow a Person to use and/or maintain space as a tenant in or on the Development.