Sub-Lease definition

Sub-Lease means the sub-lease entered into following the approval of an Approved Sub-lease;
Sub-Lease means any underlease, sub-lease, license or mandate in relation to the use of a Lease Vehicle between a Lessee, as lessor, and a sub-lessee, as lessee but does not include, for the avoidance of doubt, any arrangements and normal business operations involving the ultimate return of Lease Vehicles from locations not operated by a Lessee to drop locations of such Lessee (and ancillary use or transportation of such Lease Vehicles in relation thereto).
Sub-Lease means the sub-leasing / sub-licensing any space in the Commercial Development Assets in the Commercial Development Project, by the Developer to an End User, which shall include a license to use the Commercial Development Project Utilities;

Examples of Sub-Lease in a sentence

  • The Issuer shall (at its own cost) execute and deliver, in such form as the Security Trustee may require, any additional Security over its interests created pursuant to the Sub-Lease, promptly upon request by the Security Trustee.

More Definitions of Sub-Lease

Sub-Lease means any sub-term created out of, or deriving from, a leasehold interest; and
Sub-Lease means each of the sub-leases entered into (or to be entered into) by any Loan Party with one or more of its Restricted Subsidiaries the terms of which shall mirror the terms of the Master Leases, any related sub-sub-leases, and any and all modifications thereto, substitutions therefor and extensions, renewals and replacements thereof.
Sub-Lease means any sub-term created out of, or deriving from, a leasehold interest; and “sub-tenancy” means any tenancy created out of, or deriving from, a superior tenancy.
Sub-Lease means a lease made or (as the context may require) to be made between the Lessee and the Sub-Lessee for a period of twenty (20) years in the agreed form;
Sub-Lease means such a sub-lease as is mentioned in subsection (1) of this section of the property let under a lease or of a part of such .property ; and
Sub-Lease means an act by which an allottee leases the built up area constructed over the plot allotted to him by the Corporation to any other party, partially or fully.
Sub-Lease means the Sub-lease under section 221 of the National Land Code of the Said Lot that is hereby granted by the Lessee to the Sub-lessee pursuant to this Sub-lease Agreement;