Sub-Lease definition

Sub-Lease means the sub-leasing / sub-licensing any space in the Commercial Development Assets in the Commercial Development Project, by the Developer to an End User, which shall include a license to use the Commercial Development Project Utilities;
Sub-Lease means any sub-term created out of, or deriving from, a leasehold interest; and

Examples of Sub-Lease in a sentence

The Developer shall enter into Sub-Lease/License arrangements as per the Licence / Sub-Lease Agreement Template and the Developer shall not alter or change any Clauses in the Licence / Sub-Lease Agreement Template without the prior written consent of the Authority.

The Developer shall prepare a standard format of the sub-lease/sub-license agreement and shall furnish such draft to the Authority for approval and shall incorporate all modifications, suggestions and amendments as may be intimated by the Authority to the Developer (“ Licence / Sub-Lease Agreement Template”).

The Developer agrees and undertakes that it shall ensure that each sub –lessee performs its obligations under the Sub-Lease Agreement relating to it and this Agreement and that the Developer shall be liable for all acts or omissions of a tenant there under.

The Developer agrees that it shall ensure that the Sub-Lease Agreement executed with the tenants are duly stamped and registered at its/Sub - Lessee' costs in a timely manner.

The arbitrator so appointed can be either from within the SEEPZ Administration or from outside, as the case may be and an arbitrator so appointed should not have dealt with the matter or expressed any opinion previously to which the Sub-Lease herein relates and or that in the course of his duties or has any interest therein of whatsoever nature.

More Definitions of Sub-Lease

Sub-Lease means each of the sub-leases entered into (or to be entered into) by any Loan Party with one or more of its Restricted Subsidiaries the terms of which shall mirror the terms of the Master Leases, any related sub-sub-leases, and any and all modifications thereto, substitutions therefor and extensions, renewals and replacements thereof.
Sub-Lease means such a sub-lease as is mentioned in subsection (1) of this section of the property let under a lease or of a part of such .property ; and
Sub-Lease means a lease made or (as the context may require) to be made between the Lessee and the Sub-Lessee for a period of twenty (20) years in the agreed form;
Sub-Lease means a sub-lease of a parcel of land or part of a parcel of land subject to a lease, or of a building or part of a building on a parcel of land so subject;
Sub-Lease means a sub-lease derived (directly or indirectly) from a lease.
Sub-Lease means the sublease dated 05 January 2016 pursuant to which Babergh District Council sub-let Pin Mill Bay to the CIC for a term of 21 years less 2 days with effect from 19 November 2012;
Sub-Lease means an act by which an allottee leases the built up area constructed over the plot allotted to him by the Corporation to any third party.