Master Leases definition

Master Leases means the PropCo Master Leases and each other Material Master Lease.
Master Leases means, together, the CLEC Master Lease and the ILEC Master Lease, as each may be amended, supplemented, restated, replaced or otherwise modified from time to time pursuant to Section 4.11(b)(iv) hereof.

Examples of Master Leases in a sentence

  • If the Premises is subject to a so-called Master Lease or Earnout arrangement, Manager shall dedicate a staff member to monitor and invoice all of the Master Leases.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, the terms of the CCP DIP Payment Note, the New CCP Note and the Master Leases (as amended and assumed) shall govern in the case of conflict with the terms of the Plan or Confirmation Order.

  • Landlord hereby expressly reserves the right, at its option and declaration, to place Security Instruments and Master Leases on and against any of the Property or any interest of Landlord therein, superior in effect to this Lease and the estate created hereby.

  • Lessee may exercise such purchase option by submitting to the Option Sellers in writing an offer to purchase all of the Purchase Sites within the Option Trigger Window in accordance with the terms hereof, provided further, Lessee may only exercise such option if at or about the same time as the exercise by Lessee of its purchase option hereunder, each Additional Master Lease Lessee exercises its respective purchase option pursuant to Section 36 of its respective Additional Master Leases and Sublease.

  • The WV Debtors acknowledge that any escrow funds paid under the Master Leases (whether for insurance, real estate taxes, or capital expenditures) are property of the Master Landlords and the WV Debtors have no ownership or rights therein.

More Definitions of Master Leases

Master Leases refers to the four second amended and restated master lease agreements, dated as of April 27, 2007, by and among the Operating Partnership and Kindred Healthcare, Inc. and Kindred Healthcare Operating, Inc.
Master Leases means the Connecticut Master Lease and the Massachusetts Master Lease.
Master Leases means those certain Master Leases, entered into in connection with the Spin-Off, between the Partnership (and/or any Subsidiaries of the Partnership), acting as landlord or co-landlord, and Subsidiaries of Ensign, as tenants, as they may be amended, restated, replaced or otherwise modified from time to time.
Master Leases means any and all Leases under which the Parent, the Borrower, any Subsidiary of the Parent and/or any Joint Venture of any Subsidiary of the Parent, in its capacity as lessee, sublease, tenant, subtenant, franchisee, licensee, grantee or otherwise, has been or will hereafter be granted the right to use or occupy all or any portion of the Real Property.
Master Leases means the Connecticut Master Lease and Massachusetts Master