Master Leases definition

Master Leases means the PropCo Master Leases and each other Material Master Lease.
Master Leases refers to the four second amended and restated master lease agreements, dated as of April 27, 2007, by and among the Operating Partnership and Kindred Healthcare, Inc. and Kindred Healthcare Operating, Inc.
Master Leases means, together, the CLEC Master Lease and the ILEC Master Lease, as each may be amended, supplemented, restated, replaced or otherwise modified from time to time pursuant to Section 4.11(b)(iv) hereof.

Examples of Master Leases in a sentence

  • Manager shall direct that any and all amounts due and owing pursuant to the Master Leases or otherwise collected in connection with the Properties (including in connection with a sale of any Property) be paid directly to the designated Company Account identified by the Trustee or as contemplated by Section 5.02 of the Trust Agreement.

  • Enforce all rights and remedies of the Landlord (as such term is defined in each Master Lease) with respect to all properties then leased under the related Master Leases and ensure that Landlord is complying with all of its obligations under such Master Leases.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, in no event shall Manager or any of its Affiliates or Representatives be permitted to represent the counterparty in any transaction, arrangement or agreement with the Trust including, without limitation, in connection with the Property Documents (as defined in the Master Leases).

More Definitions of Master Leases

Master Leases means the Connecticut Master Lease and the Massachusetts Master Lease.
Master Leases means those certain Master Leases, entered into in connection with the Spin-Off, between the Partnership (and/or any Subsidiaries of the Partnership), acting as landlord or co-landlord, and Subsidiaries of Ensign, as tenants, as they may be amended, restated, replaced or otherwise modified from time to time.
Master Leases means any and all Leases under which the Parent, the Issuer, any Subsidiary of the Parent and/or any Joint Venture of any Subsidiary of the Parent, in its capacity as lessee, sublease, tenant, subtenant, franchisee, licensee, grantee or otherwise, has been or will hereafter be granted the right to use or occupy all or any portion of the Real Property.
Master Leases means the Connecticut Master Lease and Massachusetts Master
Master Leases means, collectively, the Master Tower Lease and the Master Garage Lease.