Rehabilitative Services Sample Clauses

Rehabilitative Services. Services include procedures for promoting rehabilitation of Enrollees following acute events, and for ensuring smooth transitions and coordination of information between acute, subacute, rehabilitation, Nursing Facilities and Home and Community Based Services settings.
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Rehabilitative Services. Upon Precertification by the PPO in accordance with Section 2 of this Certificate, physical, occupational and speech therapy, on either an outpatient or inpatient basis, are covered for up to forty-five (45) dates of service per Benefit Period. This forty-five
Rehabilitative Services a. Rehabilitative services are those services that assist recipients in functioning within the limits of a disability or disabilities resulting from a mental illness. Services focus on restoration of a previous level of functioning or improving the level of functioning. Services must be individualized and directly related to goals for improving functioning within a major life domain.
Rehabilitative Services h. Child welfare and family services;
Rehabilitative Services. Group psychotherapy. Individual psychotherapy. Family psychotherapy. Behavioral health assessment. Pharmacological management. Outpatient day treatment. Emergency/Crisis Services

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  • Administrative Services In addition to the portfolio management services specified above in section 2, you shall furnish at your expense for the use of the Fund such office space and facilities in the United States as the Fund may require for its reasonable needs, and you (or one or more of your affiliates designated by you) shall render to the Trust administrative services on behalf of the Fund necessary for operating as an open end investment company and not provided by persons not parties to this Agreement including, but not limited to, preparing reports to and meeting materials for the Trust's Board of Trustees and reports and notices to Fund shareholders; supervising, negotiating contractual arrangements with, to the extent appropriate, and monitoring the performance of, accounting agents, custodians, depositories, transfer agents and pricing agents, accountants, attorneys, printers, underwriters, brokers and dealers, insurers and other persons in any capacity deemed to be necessary or desirable to Fund operations; preparing and making filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") and other regulatory and self-regulatory organizations, including, but not limited to, preliminary and definitive proxy materials, post-effective amendments to the Registration Statement, semi-annual reports on Form N-SAR and notices pursuant to Rule 24f-2 under the 1940 Act; overseeing the tabulation of proxies by the Fund's transfer agent; assisting in the preparation and filing of the Fund's federal, state and local tax returns; preparing and filing the Fund's federal excise tax return pursuant to Section 4982 of the Code; providing assistance with investor and public relations matters; monitoring the valuation of portfolio securities and the calculation of net asset value; monitoring the registration of Shares of the Fund under applicable federal and state securities laws; maintaining or causing to be maintained for the Fund all books, records and reports and any other information required under the 1940 Act, to the extent that such books, records and reports and other information are not maintained by the Fund's custodian or other agents of the Fund; assisting in establishing the accounting policies of the Fund; assisting in the resolution of accounting issues that may arise with respect to the Fund's operations and consulting with the Fund's independent accountants, legal counsel and the Fund's other agents as necessary in connection therewith; establishing and monitoring the Fund's operating expense budgets; reviewing the Fund's bills; processing the payment of bills that have been approved by an authorized person; assisting the Fund in determining the amount of dividends and distributions available to be paid by the Fund to its shareholders, preparing and arranging for the printing of dividend notices to shareholders, and providing the transfer and dividend paying agent, the custodian, and the accounting agent with such information as is required for such parties to effect the payment of dividends and distributions; and otherwise assisting the Trust as it may reasonably request in the conduct of the Fund's business, subject to the direction and control of the Trust's Board of Trustees. Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to shift to you or to diminish the obligations of any agent of the Fund or any other person not a party to this Agreement which is obligated to provide services to the Fund.

  • Shared Services 5.1.1 ETFO agrees to adopt a shared services model that will allow other Trusts to join the shared services model. The shared services office of the Trust is responsible for the services to support the administration of benefits for the members, and to assist in the delivery of benefits on a sustainable, efficient and cost effective basis.

  • ADMINISTRATION SERVICES When a medical prescription drug is administered by infusion, the administration of the prescription drug may be covered separately from the prescription drug. See Infusion Therapy - Administration Services in the Summary of Medical Benefits for benefit limits and the amount you pay. Prescription drugs that are self-administered are not covered as a medical benefit but may be covered as a pharmacy benefit. Please see Pharmacy Prescription Drugs and Diabetic Equipment or Supplies – Pharmacy Benefits section above for additional information. Site of Care Program For some medical prescription drugs, after the first administration, coverage may be limited to certain locations (for example, a designated outpatient or ambulatory service facility, physician’s office, or your home), provided the location is appropriate based on your medical status. For a list of medical prescription drugs that are subject to this Site of Care Program, visit our website. Preauthorization may be required to determine medical necessity as well as appropriate site of care. If we deny your request for preauthorization, or you disagree with our determination for the appropriate site of care, you can submit a medical appeal. See Appeals in Section 5 for information on how to file a medical appeal.

  • Financial Planning Services The Executive shall receive financial planning services, on an in-kind basis, for a period of eighteen (18) months following the Date of Termination. Such financial planning services shall include expert financial and legal resources to assist the Executive with financial planning needs and shall be limited to (i) current investment portfolio management, (ii) tax planning, (iii) tax return preparation, and (iv) estate planning advice and document preparation (including xxxxx and trusts); provided, however, that the Company shall provide such financial planning services during any taxable year of the Executive only to the extent the cost to the Company for such taxable year does not exceed $25,000. The Company shall provide such financial planning services through a financial planner selected by the Company, and shall pay the fees for such financial planning services. The financial planning services provided during any taxable year of the Executive shall not affect the financial planning services provided in any other taxable year of the Executive. The Executive’s right to financial planning services shall not be subject to liquidation or exchange for any other benefit. Such financial planning services shall be provided in a manner that complies with Treasury Regulation Section 1.409A-3(i)(1)(iv).

  • Outside Services Consultant shall not use the service of any other person, entity, or organization in the performance of Consultant’s duties without the prior written consent of an officer of the Company. Should the Company consent to the use by Consultant of the services of any other person, entity, or organization, no information regarding the services to be performed under this Agreement shall be disclosed to that person, entity, or organization until such person, entity, or organization has executed an agreement to protect the confidentiality of the Company’s Confidential Information (as defined in Article 5) and the Company’s absolute and complete ownership of all right, title, and interest in the work performed under this Agreement.

  • Training Services Training Services may include pre-packaged training Products, and/or the development or customization of training programs as requested, including Live Training, Computer Based/Multi-Media Training which encompasses Internet-Delivered Training, and/or Video Based Training.

  • Exit Services The following services will be provided upon receipt of a Termination Notice to exit from this Service. Service # Service Name Description of Service Service Charge ($/hour) IT-Infinium-04 Infinium Migration Service Provider will make commercially reasonable best efforts to assist Service Receiver in exiting of this agreement. These efforts include: • Support of data extraction requests from the Service Receiver • Providing Subject Matter Expertise in helping the Service Receiver understand current state data schema and configuration details Time and Materials Based on Additional Pricing Section IT-Infinium-05 Infinium Knowledge Transfer Service Provider will provide the following knowledge transfer services: • Existing non-sensitive documentation maintained by the Service Provider will be given to the Service Receiver as it relates to the Infinium Application and related interfaces Time and Materials Based on Additional Pricing Section

  • OVERSIGHT SERVICES Oversight services for the Fund provided by Price Associates shall include all oversight of BNY Mellon, Delegates and service providers that provide accounting, administrative, and tax support services and not specifically provided for under each Fund’s Investment Management Agreement. Exhibit B2 For Funds listed on Exhibit A2 (ETFs) Price Associates provides all accounting, administrative, tax and oversight services to the Funds listed on Exhibit A2, including the below. ACCOUNTING SERVICES Accounting Services provided by Price Associates shall include, among other things: · oversight of quality control, including processing results related to fund accounting services provided by Delegates or other third party service providers relating to pricing. Such oversight includes, but is not limited to, review of (a) NAV calculations and fund valuations, (b) securities pricing and resolution of pricing exceptions, and (c) calculation and preparation of any financial information or schedules; · end-of-day INAV oversight for ETFs that provide INAV · determining accounting and valuation policies, instructing Delegates and/or other service providers, and/or providing it with such advice that may be reasonably necessary, to properly account for all financial transactions and to maintain the Fund’s accounting procedures and records so as to ensure compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and tax practices and rules; and · calculating and authorizing expense accruals and payments; annual fund expense budgets; accrual analysis; rollforward calculations; payment of expenses; fees for payment to service providers; · facilitating on behalf of the Fund resolution and remediation of fund accounting issues escalated by Delegates and/or other service providers; · preparing daily NAV calculations, including all necessary component services such as valuation and particularly private company investment valuation, corporate actions processing, trade processing, and performing month-end and fiscal-period-end close processes; · recordkeeping as required; and · such other accounting services as agreed to by the parties not otherwise performed by Price Associates under the Investment Management Agreement. ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES Administrative Services provided by Price Associates shall include, among other things: · ensuring maintenance for the Fund of all records that may be reasonably required in connection with the audit performed by the Fund’s independent registered public accountants, or by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) or such other Federal or state regulatory agencies; · cooperating with the Fund’s independent registered public accountants and taking all reasonable action in the performance of its obligations under the Agreement to assure that the necessary information is made available to such accountants for the expression of their opinion without any qualification as to the scope of their examination including, but not limited to, their opinion included in the Fund’s annual report on Form N-CSR and annual amendment to Form N-1A; · implementing and maintaining the systems, data storage and reporting necessary to perform services outlined herein; · all efforts concerning financial reporting services, including shareholder reports and financial information in regulatory filings; N-PORT and N-CEN; and other financial reporting services as necessary; · determining financial reporting policies, maintaining adequate controls over financial reporting to provide complete and accurate financial information and disclosures that are certified by officers of the Funds. Providing sub-certifications, as requested by officers of the Funds, for the adequacy of such controls and the completeness and accuracy of information included in Form N-CSR or any other form that may require certification; · periodic testing of Internal Revenue Code qualification requirements; · prepare and furnish fund performance information; · prepare and disseminate vendor survey information; · prepare and file Rule 24f-2 notices and payment; and · such other administrative services as agreed to by the parties, not otherwise performed by Price Associates under the Investment Management Agreement.

  • SPECIAL SERVICES Should the Trust have occasion to request the Adviser to perform services not herein contemplated or to request the Adviser to arrange for the services of others, the Adviser will act for the Trust on behalf of the Fund upon request to the best of its ability, with compensation for the Adviser's services to be agreed upon with respect to each such occasion as it arises.

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