Management Entity definition

Management Entity means the CDDP or private corporation that operates the Regional Program, including acting as the fiscal agent for regional funds and resources.

Examples of Management Entity in a sentence

  • The Provider must notify the Case Management Entity of a missing voucher by the last business day of the first week of the pay period, in order to be eligible for a late payment fee.

  • For Workers that submit a corrected timesheet/voucher to their Case Management Entity, DHS/OHA will send a courtesy email if DHS/OHA was unable to process the submitted correction for the current pay processing date.

  • EPSDT Outreach and Case Management Entity means an entity that has contracted with the Department to provide the activities specified in 8.280.3 below.

  • On the Effective Date, the Reorganized Debtors and the Management Entity will enter into the Management Agreement.

  • The Case Management Entity shall provide the HCW/PSW a copy of the date stamped voucher/timesheet when the timesheet/voucher is submitted directly to CME Staff.

More Definitions of Management Entity

Management Entity means PAA Management, L.P.
Management Entity means the REIT.
Management Entity means the person, entity, company, or firm designated by the owner of the
Management Entity means the Acquisition Sub and each of the following Persons and any successor thereto which conducts the management business described in the SEC Report, as well as any Subsidiary of the Company or the REIT which is engaged in the business of managing multi-family apartment projects or other real estate projects: Property Asset Management Services, L.P., a Delaware limited partnership, Property Asset Management Services, Inc., a Delaware corporation, Property Asset Management Services-CA, LLC, a California limited liability company; each of the "Service LLC's" referred to in the SEC Report; and any Subsidiary formed to conduct the management business related to the NHP Interests.