Project Company definition

Project Company means Company incorporated by the bidder as per Indian Laws in accordance with Clause no 3.5.
Project Company means the company, incorporated by the Bidder as per Indian laws, in n accordance with Clause 2.16;
Project Company means any Subsidiary of the Company, substantially all of whose activities involve any construction, development or infrastructure project, including without limitation greenfield projects and brownfield projects, in which the Company or any of its Subsidiaries participates or holds, directly or indirectly, an interest, including any Subsidiary that is a member of construction consortia or a qualified bidder in Brazil or other foreign jurisdiction.

Examples of Project Company in a sentence

  • Each of (x) the Borrower, (y) applicable Project Company (other than a Project Company that is a Tax Equity JV) and (z) Tax Equity HoldCo is a disregarded entity or corporation for U.S. federal, state and local income tax purposes.

  • Neither the Borrower nor any applicable Project Company, as applicable, has conducted any business other than the business contemplated by the Operative Documents or in connection with each Project, has no outstanding Indebtedness or other material liabilities other than pursuant to the Operative Documents and is not a party to or bound by any material contract other than the Operative Documents to which it is a party.

  • The Borrower or applicable Project Company is not in material violation of any Applicable Permit.

  • Enter into any activities other than the ownership, development, construction, operation, maintenance and financing of the Projects or owning the Capital Stock in a Tax Equity JV, a Lessee, a Tax Equity HoldCo, a Project Company or a Subsidiary that directly or indirectly owns a Project Company and any activities incidental to the foregoing.

  • The Borrower, for itself and each Project Company on each Borrowing Base Certificate Date, the date of each Borrowing, and each Tax Equity HoldCo, for itself, hereby makes the following representations and warranties to and in favor of the Administrative Agent, the Collateral Agent, the Blackstone Representative and the Lenders.

More Definitions of Project Company

Project Company means Company incorporated by the Bidder as per Indian Laws in accordance with Clause 3.12;
Project Company means the Company incorporated by the Bidder as per Indian Laws for the implementation of Project selected based on this RfS.
Project Company shall have the meaning set forth in the recitals to this Agreement, and is more particularly described in Part I of Appendix C of the Agreement.
Project Company means a Subsidiary of a company (or a person in which such company has an interest) which has a special purpose and whose creditors have no recourse to any member of the Bank Group in respect of Financial Indebtedness of that Subsidiary or person, as the case may be, or any of such Subsidiary’s or person’s Subsidiaries (other than recourse to such member of the Bank Group who had granted an Encumbrance over its shares or other interests in such Project Company beneficially owned by it provided that such recourse is limited to an enforcement of such an Encumbrance).
Project Company means a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture, trust or other entity which is a Subsidiary or Joint Venture of the Operating Company and the direct or indirect owner of a Project.
Project Company means each of the following:
Project Company means the Company incorporated by the Bidder as per The Companies Act, 1956or the Companies Act, 2013 as applicable;