Design review definition

Design review means the activities necessary to ascertain that the design of the project will substantially comply, in all material respects, with the requirements of Division A; Division B, Parts 1 and 3; and Division C of the “Building Code”.
Design review means a docu- mented, comprehensive, systematic ex- amination of a design to evaluate the adequacy of the design requirements, to evaluate the capability of the design to meet these requirements, and to identify problems.
Design review means an Independent Assessment by one or more Certified Assessor(s) of the Project prior to the Date of Practical Completion against criteria contained in the Submission Guidelines which may result in the award of a Design Review Certified Rating available for Green Star Design & As-Built and Green Star Interiors Projects and a Design Certified Rating available for Green Star NZ V3;

Examples of Design review in a sentence

  • The Design Review carried out in 2014 concluded that the consultant had done a reasonably good job in the design of the project, details of which is discussed further below.

  • For example, a request to modify a commercial development’s parking lot shall require Site Design Review only for the proposed parking lot and any changes to associated access, circulation, etc.

  • Commission Chair Collins shared the concerns expressed by the other Design Review 26 Commissioners.

  • HDP35-15CCII United Housing Foundation (Owner) R-20 Zoning: Request for a Change25 of Conditions to approved application: HDP35-15 Michael Affinito (Owner), R-20 Zoning:26 Request for: (1) Phase II Hillside Development Permit, (2) Design Review, (3) an exception for27 development within a Class II protected ridgeline setback, (4) an exception to exceed the 15-28 degree declination requirement, (5) a Grading Permit, and (6) a Tree Permit for the construction29 of a 4,622 5,510 sq.

  • The Association Board may establish and require areasonable filing fee to be submitted with each application for approval of proposed Improvements to defray expenses of the Design Review Board.

More Definitions of Design review

Design review means the process of city review and approval of development proposals as required by Chapter 18.12 of this title.
Design review means review by the design review board pursuant to Section 25.05.040. The planning commission shall assume the same authority for design review for all projects located in the downtown specific plan area and for projects that the planning commission is the primary discretionary review authority, such as approval of a conditional use permit.
Design review means a comprehensive and systematic examination of the design as specified in the Contract to verify that the design is in conformance with the requirements of the Contract, as performed by the Design-Builder for all stages of the design except As-Built Plans, which is performed by the UH. During all stages of the design, except As-Built Plans, the UH will contribute to the review through oversight including participation, auditing and spot-checking.
Design review means a meeting between IBM and MTC, either at an IBM facility or a MTC facility, or via telecon, lasting for up to two (2) days, to be attended by up to four (4) IBM Employees, who will review MTC's Prototype designs with MTC Employees to help MTC conform its Prototype designs to the applicable IBM Fabrication Process.
Design review means the review of the site, building, and other exterior design aspects of a development Development to determine its compliance with the design Design standards Standardsherein expressed.