Project Co Sample Clauses

Project Co. Project Co is the person or entity identified as such in the Project Agreement.
Project Co. 49.2.1 hereby grants to the Trust, free of charge, an irrevocable, non-exclusive and transferable (but only to any assignee or transferee of any rights or benefits under this Agreement or upon or at any time following termination of this Agreement) licence (carrying the right to grant sub-licences) to use the Intellectual Property Rights which are or become vested in Project Co; and
Project Co. Subject to this Schedule 8 [Intellectual Property], as between the Parties, Project Co will be and remain the sole Owner of the Project Co Intellectual Property, provided that nothing in this Schedule 8 [Intellectual Property] will transfer to Project Co any Ownership of, or grant to Project Co any right in respect of, City Intellectual Property used in the creation or development of or that is embodied, incorporated, embedded, otherwise included or illustrated in any Project Co Intellectual Property, except for the Licenses granted under Section 4.1 [License by City to Project Co] of this Schedule 8 [Intellectual Property].
Project Co. (a) is not relieved from any of its obligations and Liabilities in accordance with this Agreement as a result of subcontracting any of those obligations or Liabilities;
Project Co. (i) shall not, and shall ensure that each Project Co Related Party shall not, make any application to obtain any Further Planning Permissions without the prior written consent of TfL (such consent not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed); and
Project Co. Permits (a) Project Co shall, at its own cost and risk: (1) obtain (in accordance with the Project Schedule), maintain, and, as applicable, renew all Project Co Permits in accordance with Schedule 2 [Design and Construction Protocols] and Appendix 2E [Permits]; and (2) comply with all Permits in accordance with their terms.
Project Co. (a) acknowledges and agrees that Project Co is solely responsible for the quality of the Project Work;
Project Co. Nothing in this Agreement will preclude Project Co or Project Co Persons from marketing, developing or using for itself or others, any services or products that are the same as or similar to those provided to BC Hydro by Project Co pursuant to this Agreement. Furthermore, Project Co will continue to be free to use for any and all purposes Project Co’s general knowledge, skills and experience acquired or developed in connection with the completion of Project, including all Project Intellectual Property. This Section 4.15(j)(1) [Intellectual Property and IP Rights] does not diminish Project Co’s obligations regarding BC Hydro’s Confidential Information and BC Hydro IP under this Agreement or constitute a license to use any Intellectual Property or related IP Rights owned or licensed by BC Hydro or its Affiliates.
Project Co. Xxxxxx Cumbria Limited Dunedin House Auckland Park Mount Farm Xxxxxx Keynes Buckinghamshire MK1 1BU Attention Xxxxx Xxxxxx Fax 00000 000000
Project Co shall promptly upon a failure by the Senior Funders to advance amounts due under the Senior Funding Agreements (or in circumstances that might reasonably be expected to lead to such a failure) notify the Authority of such failure (or expected failure).