Investment Promotion Sample Clauses

Investment Promotion. 1. Each Contracting Party shall promote investments in its territory by investors of the other Contracting Party and admit such investments in accordance with its legislation.
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Investment Promotion. The Parties recognize the importance of promoting investment and technology flows between them as a means for achieving economic growth and development. Co-operation in this respect shall include:
Investment Promotion. 1. The Parties recognize the importance of promoting cross-border investment and technology flows as a means for achieving economic growth and development. Co- operation in this respect may include:
Investment Promotion. The Parties shall help to create an attractive and stable environment for reciprocal investment. Such cooperation shall take the form inter alia of:
Investment Promotion. The ACP States, the Community and its Member States, within the scope of their respective competencies, recognising the importance of private investment in the promotion of their development cooperation and acknowledging the need to take steps to promote such investment, shall:
Investment Promotion. The Parties agree to promote investments within the EAC Partner State(s) in the following areas:
Investment Promotion. (a) Except as specifically set forth in the Agreement or otherwise authorized by USAID in writing, no funds or other support provided hereunder may be used for any activity that involves investment promotion in a foreign country.
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Investment Promotion. ARTICLE 9.1
Investment Promotion. 1. No funds or other support provided under this agreement may be used in a project or activity reasonably likely to involve the relocation or expansion outside of the United States of an enterprise located in the United States if non-U.S. production in such relocation or expansion replaces some or all of the production of, and reduces the number of employees at, said enterprise in the United States.
Investment Promotion. Each Contracting Party may encourage, through its own promotion strategy, investment from the territory of the other Contracting Party to its own territory.
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