Project Developer definition

Project Developer means Bidding Company or a Bidding Consortium submitting the Bid. Any reference to the Bidder includes Bidding Company / Bidding Consortium/ Consortium, Member of a Bidding Consortium including its successors, executors and permitted assigns and Lead Member of the Bidding Consortium jointly and severally, as the context may require”;

Examples of Project Developer in a sentence

  • Who is the buyer?: Project developer What are they buying?: Permitting services, environmental impact surveying and assessment, metocean and resource assessment, geological and hydrological surveys, engineering and design, project management services When are they buying?: Up to 10 years before project commissioning WE ARE XODUSProcurement approach: Sourced competitively by project developer, often with a local bias where possible.

  • Who is the buyer?: Project developer (operator), third party service provider or turbine OEM What are they buying?: Offshore inspection, maintenance and repair services (mechanical, electrical, structural, etc.); port and marine services; etc.

  • Anaergia intends to appoint a Project developer or EPC contractor to deliver the Project.

More Definitions of Project Developer

Project Developer means an individual, association, corporation, or other legal entity that can enter into a power or conservation contract with the utility.
Project Developer means a person, group, organization, agency or other entity holding fee title to Affordable Housing and to which either:
Project Developer means a person that owns, operates, or proposes to construct, own, or operate, a project.
Project Developer means the developer of the Solar Power project, who shall develop such a project on his own premises or on premises taken on lease or rent;
Project Developer means an entity proposing an action that will result in a debit.
Project Developer or “DEVELOPER” or “SOLAR POWER DEVELOPER (SPD)” shall mean the Bidding Company or a Bidding Consortium participating in the bid and having been selected and allocated a project capacity by UPNEDA (through a competitive bidding process), including the SPV formed by the selected bidder/ consortium for the purpose of setting up of project and signing of PPA with UPPCL;