Transit project definition

Transit project means a redevelopment project located within a
Transit project means an undertaking to implement or modify a transit facility or transit-related program; purchase transit vehicles or equipment; or provide financial assistance for transit operations. It does not include actions that are solely within the jurisdiction of local transit agencies, such as changes in routes, schedules, or fares. It may consist of several phases. For analytical purposes, it must be defined inclusively enough to:
Transit project means a redevelopment project located within a 1/2-mile radius, or one- mile radius for projects located in a Garden State Growth Zone, surrounding the mid-point of a New Jersey Transit Corporation, Port Authority Transit Corporation, or Port Authority Trans-Hudson Corporation rail, bus, or ferry station platform area, including all light rail stations.

Examples of Transit project in a sentence

  • The six buses will replace five existing buses that will have met their useful operating life and allow for service expansion.The original PTMISEA funding amounts of $460,000 for the City of Folsom project and $560,000 for the Yuba-Sutter Transit project remainunchanged by these scope amendments Table 2.

  • Mr. Piper stated that, at the last Coordinating Committee meeting, the Highway, Bridge, Interstate, and Transit project listing was approved.

  • That Report DS-20-20 dated January 29, 2020 be endorsed as the City’s comments on options presented at Public Information Centre 2 for the Durham-Scarborough Bus Rapid Transit project; and, 2.

  • The Committee also discussed the 2019 Transit Development Plan, the draft 2019-2020 Spokane Regional Transportation Council (SRTC) Unified Planning Work Program, the Central City Line third-party agreement status, minor updates to the Connect Spokane scope of work, and the I-90/Valley High Performance Transit project.

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Transit project or "project" means real and personal property, including, but not limited to, land, structures and all improvements thereto, works, vehicles, rolling stock, rights-of-way, easements, rail lines, rail beds, stations, platforms, switches, yards, terminals, parking facilities, other facilities adjacent to or nearby rail transit stations which are designed to be used in conjunction with the station, and any and all other facilities or equipment necessary or convenient for the provision of transit service, whether under, on, or above the ground, including public streets, highways, bridges, or other public ways or waterways, together with all physical structures necessary or convenient for the access of persons and vehicles thereto.
Transit project means capital expenditures, excluding expenditures for commuter rail, eligible for funding under Title 49, United States Code, Sections 5307, 5309 and 5311.
Transit project means any LACMTA rail project, busway project, or LACMTA facility project necessary or convenient for operation of LACMTA’s rail transit system or busway transit system, which project is either completed and in operation, or in the process of being constructed, reconstructed, altered, or extended, including but not limited to, CLAX.
Transit project means any unit, structure, facility, or undertaking in any combination which may be a component part of a transit system.
Transit project as defined in paragraph 1 of Section 1266-c of the TA Act, as amended, modified, supplemented or succeeded.