Allied Health Professional definition

Allied Health Professional means a person registered as an allied health professional with the Health Professions Council;
Allied Health Professional or “AHP” means a credentialed individual, other than a practitioner, who is qualified to render direct or indirect medical or surgical care under the supervision of a practitioner who has been afforded privileges to provide such care in the Hospital. For purposes of these Medical Staff Bylaws, “AHP” shall be deemed to refer only to advance practice professionals who are credentialed as AHPs pursuant to the Medical Staff credentialing process. Such AHPs shall include, but is not limited to, physician assistants, certified nurse practitioners, certified nurse specialists, and other such professionals.

Examples of Allied Health Professional in a sentence

  • The Allied Health Professional Manual adopts and incorporates by reference the definitions contained in the Medical Staff Bylaws.

  • Separate Operational Policies are available to support engaging locum medical staff, administrative and clerical staff and Allied Health Professional (AHP) staff.

  • Notification to the Board of the action taken including advising the Board of the written response, if any, of the Allied Health Professional and the contents of such response shall be held in abeyance until the AHP exercises and/or waives the appeal process set forth in the following section.

  • The Allied Health Professional shall have five (5) days in which to submit a written response to the individual taking such action as to why such suspension should be lifted or termination rescinded.

  • In the event the CEO or Chief of Staff summarily suspends or immediately terminates an Allied Health Professional's Privileges, such action shall become effective immediately but shall be followed by written notice of such action, given to the Allied Health Professional by Special Notice.

More Definitions of Allied Health Professional

Allied Health Professional or “AHP” means a licensed health care professional (other than a Practitioner) who is eligible to apply for Clinical Privileges at the Hospital. AHPs are eligible for the Affiliate Staff, but are not eligible for Medical Staff membership. AHPs consist of physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, certified registered nurse anesthetists, pathology assistants, Member-employed/contracted registered nurses, psychologists, and any other category of professional that may be approved in the future by the Board in consultation with the MEC. AHPs include both individuals who are employed by the Hospital and those who are not.
Allied Health Professional or "AHP" means an individual other than a licensed Physician, Podiatrist, Dentist, or Psychologist who functions in a medical support role, or who exercises independent judgment within the area of his/her professional competence, and is qualified to render direct or indirect care under the supervision of or in collaboration with a Practitioner who has been granted Privileges for such care in the Hospital. AHPs may include, but are not limited to Psychologists (who hold not more than a master’s degree), physician assistants, advanced practice nurses, anesthesiologist assistants, or other individuals whose scope of practice has been recognized by the Hospital.
Allied Health Professional means an individual other than a licensed Physician, Dentist, or Podiatrist whose patient care activities require that his/her authority to perform specified patient care services be processed through the usual Medical and Dental Staff channels. This definition includes psychologists, advanced practice nurses, registered nurse first assistants, physician assistants and certified nurse midwives, who are not members of the Medical and Dental Staff.
Allied Health Professional means a person who holds and maintains a registration,
Allied Health Professional means either a Dependent Practitioner or an Independent Practitioner. “Allied Health Professionals” means all Dependent Practitioners and Independent Practitioners;
Allied Health Professional means a person who is a licensed or certified health professional who is not a physician (M.D. or D.O.), dentist (D.D.S. or D.M.D.), or podiatrist (D.P.M.).