Private Data definition

Private Data means, collectively, Personal Data, Company Product Data, and Behavioral Data.
Private Data means Behavioral Data and Personal Data.

Examples of Private Data in a sentence

  • Criminal History Record Information maintained by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, and Criminal Justice Information Systems Section is classified as Private Data.

  • Minnesota State Statutes 13.05, Subdivision 4, requires that the subject of Private Data give his or her informed consent prior to dissemination of this data to any person or agency by completing the information below.You must provide us with the following information so that we can determine whether any criminal convictions may be a job related consideration.

  • Private Data and Public Value: Governance, Green Consumption, and Sustainable Supply Chains, Public Administration and Information Technology (PAIT) Series, Springer, pp.

  • Provisions of Confidentiality and Security of Client’s Private Data and/or Information are provisions regarding confidentiality and security of Client’s private data and information as stipulated in OJK Rule regarding Cosnumer Protection and OJK Circular Letter No. 14/SEOJK.07/2014 dated 20 August 2014 regarding Confidentiality and Security of Client’s private data and/or information and its explanation as well as its amendments / replacement in the future.

  • Appropriate fees, as fixed by the board pursuant to section 32-3607, shall accompany all applications for original registration, licensure or certification, renewal and examination.

More Definitions of Private Data

Private Data means any personal, personally identifiable, financial, sensitive or regulated information (including credit or debt card information, bank account information or user names and passwords).
Private Data means data containing an individual's:
Private Data means, collectively, Behavioral Data, Business Product Data, and Personal Data.
Private Data means data on individuals which is not public and is accessible to the individual subject of that data.(M.S. 13.02, subd. 12; Minn. Rules pt. 1205.0200, subp. 9)
Private Data means each Data Element for which a “X” is marked in the column entitled “Private Data” in the Transparency Report Table;
Private Data means any data that ICERS considers private to its business and includes business sensitive information, such as financial information or business operation data.
Private Data means data classified as private by statute or federal law, but is accessible to the individual, including clearly offensive Criminal Investigation Data as it relates to the individual therein once the investigation becomes inactive.