Social Media Platform definition

Social Media Platform means an Internet website
Social Media Platform means a named social media site approved by AAP as a Digital Platform via which the Licensee may display the Licensed Material.
Social Media Platform means an application or website through which users are able to create and share content and find and connect with other users; and

Examples of Social Media Platform in a sentence

Promoting on Social Media Platform – The concept of ‘Likes’ on Facebook gives immense database on the social media, promote features of services and record responses of the Target Group, which would help to improve services of the Company Experience - can be provided with the service experience the user will derive after using the VAS.

More Definitions of Social Media Platform

Social Media Platform means any medium whereby content (including, but not limited to images, videos, messages and sound files) is broadcast to, or capable of being broadcast to, the general public or a significant section of the general public. For the sake of clarity, and by way of example, Social Media Platforms include (but are not limited to) Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and also any “blog” or other type of web journal.
Social Media Platform means any public platform, including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, VK, the Feed channel of AliExpress mobile application,,
Social Media Platform means an Internet search
Social Media Platform means a user-specific, web-based technology intended to
Social Media Platform means any social media-related service, application or platform;
Social Media Platform means any user-specific web-based technology intended to create virtual connection through the internet such as social networking sites, blog sites, video-sharing sites and the like;
Social Media Platform means any information service, system, Internet search engine, or access software provider that: