Substation definition

Substation means the apparatus that connects the electrical collection system of the WECS(s) and increases the voltage for connection with the utility's transmission lines.
Substation means an electricity substation (as defined in the Regulations) of the Company;
Substation means an electrical installation containing generating or power-conversion equipment and associated electric equipment and parts, such as switchboards, switches, wiring, fuses, circuit breakers, compensators, and transformers.

Examples of Substation in a sentence

  • Pole mounted 11/0.4 KV Sub-station complete with transformer, G.O. switch, Horn gap fuse sets and lightening arrestors are to be erected as per approved drawing of the Nigam.

  • Rod for Sub-station as per approved drawing is also to be ensured.

  • MessieursPRIVATE INVESTMENT PROMOTION AGENCY PROINVERSIÓNAv. Enrique Canaval Moreyra No. 150 Lima 15047, Peru Reference: Comprehensive Project Bidding for the concession of the "500 kV Piura - Nueva Frontera Substation Transmission Line" project.

  • A 1.45km section of the 275kV Poppleton to Monk Fryston (XC) overhead line to the west of the existing Monk Fryston Substation and south of Pollums House Farm would be realigned to connect to the proposed Monk Fryston Substation.

  • The “Built Up Area” includes entire covered area/ usable area/carpet area of the respective unit including proportionate loading of common area on the particular floor plus the proportionate share of building/tower and project common areas such as; Passage, Staircase, Lifts, Lift Lobbies, Substation, DG Room, Electric/ Fire ControlRoom, Pump Room, Underground Water Tank, AC Plant room, Control Room, attached architectural features/ covered balconies etc.

More Definitions of Substation

Substation means a permanent structure where an ambulance(s) is/are stationed and available for calls on a twenty-four (24) hour basis.
Substation means a subscriber or monitoring equipment which may connect a single subscriber to a line without choice as to subscriber;
Substation means an electricity substation (as defined in Regulation 1(5) of the Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations 2002) of the Company;
Substation means any premises or part thereof which contain equipment for either transforming or converting energy to or from high voltage (other than transforming or converting solely for the operation of switching devices or instruments) or for switching, controlling or regulating energy at high voltage, but does not include equipment mounted on a support to any overhead line;
Substation means the distribution substation and/or switching equipment (if any) installed from time to time on the Easement Land.
Substation means an electrical installation containing generating or power-conversion equipment
Substation means an assembly of equipment through which electrical energy delivered by transmission circuits is passed in order to convert it to voltages suitable for use by consumers.