Definition of Power Plant

Power Plant means the a power generation plant of a name plate capacity of approximate 6.5 MW that will generate electricity by using the Municipal Waste or Supplementary Fuel or both, as the case may be.
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Power Plant means the Thomas Hill Energy Center near Clifton Hill, Missouri, owned and operated by Utility.

Power Plant means: Page No. 12 15.0241.01000
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Default = 50 Hz)............................................(60 HZ ) Page 8 of 10 4.3 DC POWER: o DC Power Plant (- 48 VDC System) and Rectifiers: o Supplied by (Motorola, Customer, etc.
During the Term, Lessee shall have the right to retain possession of the Facility herein leased at the power plant known as the New Madrid Power Plant located near Marston, Missouri or at any other location Lessee may choose to place the Facility.
Management's mission is to develop the Power Plant into a profitable venture that will provide the Company and its owners with a steady stream of income from the sale of energy productions services.
The term Spare Parts includes BRAD Parts, Power Plant Part and Vendor Parts.
The CCS Parties shall cause Emission Testing to be conducted at the Power Plant using Refined Coal produced at the New Facility.