Definition of Post-Petition Collateral

Post-Petition Collateral means, collectively, all now existing and hereafter acquired real and personal property of Borrowers estate, wherever located, of any kind, nature or description, including any such property in which a lien is granted to Agent and Lenders pursuant to the Loan Documents, the Financing Order or any other order entered or issued by the Bankruptcy Court, and shall include, without limitation:

Examples of Post-Petition Collateral in a sentence

All ESW Fees shall constitute Post-Petition Obligations and shall be secured by the Post-Petition Collateral and afforded all of the priorities and protections afforded to the Post-Petition Obligations under this Order and the Post-Petition Documents.
Any property so repaired, rebuilt, or replaced shall constitute Post-Petition Collateral and subject to a replacement lien in favor of the Pre-petition Lenders.
Limit, affect or modify, or apply to the Bankruptcy Court to limit, affect or modify any of the Lenders' rights with respect to the Indebtedness, including rights with respect to Pre-Petition Collateral and Post-Petition Collateral (each as defined in the Orders) and the priority thereof and payment of various amounts, pursuant to any Reorganization Plan or otherwise.
The Debtors shall deliver to the Pre-Petition Agents evidence satisfactory to the Pre-Petition Agents that adequate insurance is maintained on all material tangible Pre-Petition Collateral and Post-Petition Collateral (as defined below) as required under the Pre-Petition Credit Documents.
The proceeds of all Collateral arising from and after the Petition Date, to the extent that such Collateral does not constitute Pre-Petition Collateral (the "Post-Petition Collateral") shall be applied to the payment of the Post-Petition Lender Debt.