Financing Agreements Sample Clauses

Financing Agreements. The School shall comply with Ch. 37D, HRS, relating to financing agreements. “Financing agreement” means any lease purchase agreement, installment sale agreement, loan agreement, line of credit or other agreement of the department or, with the approval of the director, and any agency, to finance the improvement, use or acquisition of real or personal property that is or will be owned or operated by one or more agencies of the State, the department or any agency, or to refinance previously executed financing agreements including certificates of participation relating thereto. The School shall not act as a guarantor of any such financing agreement.
Financing Agreements. Tenant shall not enter into, execute or deliver any financing agreement that can be considered as having priority to any mortgage or deed of trust that Landlord may have placed upon the Leased Premises.
Financing Agreements. With respect to the Borrower only, permit any Principal Subsidiary to enter into any agreement, contract, indenture or similar obligation, or issue any security (all of the foregoing being referred to as "Financing Agreements"), that is not in effect on the Closing Date, or amend or modify any existing Financing Agreement, if the effect of such Financing Agreement (or amendment or modification thereof) is to impose any additional restriction not in effect on the Closing Date on the ability of such Principal Subsidiary to pay dividends to the Borrower; provided, that the foregoing shall not restrict the right of any Subsidiary of the Borrower created to hold generating assets, to enter into any such Financing Agreement in connection with the incurrence of nonrecourse Debt to acquire, construct or otherwise develop generating assets.
Financing Agreements. The appropriate parties will enter into appropriate documentation (which may include an underwriting agreement or similar private placement agreement) with the institution or institutions to be named therein providing for (a) the issuance and sale by Owner Trustee to such institution or institutions on the Refunding Date of the New Debt and (b) the application of the proceeds of the sale of the New Debt to the redemption of all such Equipment Notes on the Refunding Date. Lessee, acting on behalf of Owner Trustee, shall give Mortgagee at least 30 days' revocable prior written notice of the proposed date of the optional redemption.
Financing Agreements. The Investor understands and agrees that the conversion of the KISS into Conversion Shares may require the Investor’s execution of certain agreements relating to the purchase and sale of such securities as well as registration, co-sale, rights of first refusal, rights of first offer and voting rights, if any, relating to such securities. The Investor agrees to execute all such agreements in connection with the conversion so long as the issuance of Conversion Shares issued pursuant to the conversion of this KISS are subject to the same terms and conditions applicable to the Preferred Stock sold in the Next Equity Financing (or the Shadow Series or Series Seed Preferred Stock, as applicable).
Financing Agreements. Each Purchaser acknowledges that the conversion of the Notes into Conversion Shares pursuant to Section 4.1 may require such Purchaser’s execution of certain agreements relating to the purchase and sale of the Conversion Shares, as well as registration rights, rights of first refusal and co-sale, rights of first offer and voting rights, if any, relating to such securities (collectively, the “Financing Agreements”). Each Purchaser agrees to execute all of the Financing Agreements in connection with a Next Equity Financing.
Financing Agreements. The Unilever Stockholder hereby agrees, consents to and acknowledges that the payment by the Company of the Unilever Indemnification shall not be made until and unless permitted by the provisions of the Financing Agreements and the rights, remedies and powers of the lenders or noteholders (other than any Unilever Group Member) and holders of collateral thereunder.
Financing Agreements. The term “Financing Agreements” as used in the Loan Agreement and in the other Financing Agreements shall be deemed and each such reference is hereby amended to include, in addition and not in limitation, this Amendment No. 4, the Term B Loan Fee Letter and the Amendment Fee Letter, as each of the same now exists or may hereafter be amended, modified, supplemented, extended, renewed, restated or replaced.
Financing Agreements. 1. Any project or programme approved by the Community shall be covered by:
Financing Agreements. EBRD shall have received duly executed originals of the following agreements: