Prepetition Secured Parties definition

Prepetition Secured Parties means those parties defined as the Prepetition Secured Parties in Section III.B. of the Combined Plan and Disclosure Statement.
Prepetition Secured Parties means the lender parties under the Prepetition Credit Facilities and the beneficial holders of the Prepetition Secured Notes.
Prepetition Secured Parties means the Prepetition Agent and the Prepetition Secured Lenders.

Examples of Prepetition Secured Parties in a sentence

  • Detailed descriptions of the Debtors’ prepetition debt structure and descriptions of collateral relating to the debt contained on Schedule D are contained in the Debtors’ Emergency Motion for Entry of Interim and Final Orders (I) Authorizing the Debtors to (A) Obtain Postpetition Financing and (B) Utilize Cash Collateral, (II) Granting Adequate Protection to Prepetition Secured Parties, (III) Modifying the Automatic Stay, (IV) Scheduling A Final Hearing, and (V) Granting Related Relief [Docket No. 104].

  • Pursuant to the Prepetition Loan Documents, and as security for the payment and performance of the Debtors’ obligations thereunder, the Debtors granted the Administrative Agent, for the benefit of itself and the other Prepetition Secured Parties, a first priority security interest in substantially all of the Debtors’ assets and proceeds thereof.

  • The Master Proofs of Claim shall not be required to attach any instruments, agreements or other documents evidencing the obligations owing by each of the Debtors to the applicable Prepetition Secured Parties, which instruments, agreements or other documents will be provided upon written request to counsel to the Prepetition Agent.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Debtors are authorized and directed to execute such documents including, without limitation, mortgages, pledges and Uniform Commercial Code financing statements and to use Cash Collateral to pay such costs and expenses as may be reasonably requested by the Prepetition Agent to provide further evidence of the perfection of the Prepetition Secured Parties' security interests and liens in the Collateral as provided for herein.

  • The rights and remedies of the Prepetition Secured Parties specified herein are cumulative and not exclusive of any rights or remedies that they may otherwise have.

More Definitions of Prepetition Secured Parties

Prepetition Secured Parties means the holders of the Secured Notes and the Secured Notes Agent.
Prepetition Secured Parties means, collectively, the Term Loan Agent and the Term Loan Lenders.
Prepetition Secured Parties means, collectively, the First Lien Lenders and the First Lien Noteholders.
Prepetition Secured Parties means, collectively, each Holder of a First Lien Senior Secured Notes Claim and each Holder of Second Lien Term Loan Claim.
Prepetition Secured Parties means (a) the “Secured Parties” under and as defined in the Prepetition Credit Agreement and (b) the “First Lien Secured Parties” under and as defined in the Prepetition Notes Indenture.
Prepetition Secured Parties means the Prepetition Lenders together with the Prepetition Agent who made certain advances under the Prepetition Credit Agreement, KeyBanc Capital Markets Inc., as joint lead arranger and joint bookrunner, Compass Bank Association, as joint lead arranger, a joint bookrunner, and sole syndication agent, and LegacyTexas Bank, as the documentation agent.
Prepetition Secured Parties means (a) the First Lien Secured Parties, (b) the Second Lien Secured Parties, and (c) the Third Lien Secured Parties.