Permit to construct definition

Permit to construct means a document issued and signed by the Director before November 1, 1995, certifying that:
Permit to construct means a document that permits the commencement of construction activities;

Examples of Permit to construct in a sentence

  • After the completion of this project, the Port intends to use the information to apply for a federal TIGER grant to prepare engineering plans for the Port’s preferred development scenario.33 With those engineering plans, the Port could apply for a Clean Water Act § 404 permit to dredge vessel berths, and a Rivers and Harbors Act § 10 Permit to construct new docks and in-water structures.

  • PERMIT & ZONINGCase # U-1825, Fisher MarkUPON A motion of Credell Calhoun and a second by David Archie, Vern Gavin voting aye, Robert Graham voting aye, Bobby McGowan voting aye, it was RESOLVED to approve Petitioner’s request for a Dimensional Variance Permit to construct a 2,400 square foot workshop.

More Definitions of Permit to construct

Permit to construct means a permit to construct issued, renewed, or revised pursuant to this chapter.
Permit to construct means those pre- construction permits or approvals required under Federal Air Quality Control Laws and these Standards and Regulations.
Permit to construct means the permit from the relevant
Permit to construct means a permit issued by the Minister under Section 36(1) or 37(1) of the Water Resources Act.
Permit to construct means the written permit from Public Works which authorizes the Petitioner or developer to proceed with construction or modification of the roadway.
Permit to construct means a permit that is issued by the department that includes all attachments, required signatures, conditions and terms, and any bond and insurance documentation provided by the applicant as required by the department to construct or modify an approach and any related mitigation within the state highway right of way.¶