Performance Tests definition

Performance Tests means the tests to be conducted on the equipment at site for checking the performance parameters of the equipment as defined in Technical Specification.
Performance Tests means the tests performed (including any repetition thereof) to determine whether the Project meets the Performance Guarantee and/or Minimum Acceptance Criteria set forth in Attachment T, which tests shall be as specified in and consistent with Attachment S.
Performance Tests means all tests meant to ensure that the Plant(s)/Unit(s) is/are in all respects in accordance with the requirements of the Contract and that the Plant functions properly and smoothly, in all respects as per the approved design parameters, within the permissible tolerances, and satisfies all the stipulated operating parameters, and will include the Guarantee Tests.

Examples of Performance Tests in a sentence

  • Construction utilized shall be rugged and safety factors have been provided to carry loads as specified and to meet the road requirements and speed conditions as set forth under "Performance Tests and Requirements".

More Definitions of Performance Tests

Performance Tests means such tests as are prescribed in the ‘Specification’, to be done by the vendor before the Plant is taken over under guarantee by the owner/ purchaser.
Performance Tests means all tests to be carried out by contractor as per specifications prior to installation being taken over by Bank under guarantee.
Performance Tests has the meaning ascribed in Article 12 of this Contract.
Performance Tests has the meaning set forth in Section 2.13.3.
Performance Tests means the tests set out in the Specifications to be carried out by the Owner with the assistance of the Sub-Contractor at the Project Site;
Performance Tests means any tests under the MESPA to demonstrate COD.